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There are three different formats of resumes you can use to apply for job openings. Depending on your employment history, you should use a chronological, functional, or combination format.

With, you will have hundreds of resume templates for all jobs and industries.
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Our Resume Templates can fit a variety of employment situations. We also provide examples of the most common resume formats that will work for almost every job seeker.

Using our Resume Templates

We offer a lot of useful Resume Templates that can be used in order to redact a resume that could be sent to the hiring manager. There are hundreds of job positions, and therefore, you should be careful when choosing a suitable template.

Using our Resume Builder Tool you can enter your information, and then update your resume layout with just a click. And your resume will be unique, not a downloaded template.



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Using our resume builder is one of the best ways to ensure your resume appears as professional as you are in the workplace. Knowing the benefits of utilizing our resume and CV maker is a way for you to stand out against other applicants while also outshining others who are interested in the same position or field as you. Having an understanding of the advantages of using a resume maker is not only a way to save time, but it is also a way to boost confidence and your abilities when moving forward in the job world.

Resume Layout Styles and Templates

The resume maker available has plenty of templates and layout styles to choose from with a variety of key phrases that are relevant to the position you have in mind. Samples of skills, work experience, education, training and objectives are also available to give you a better idea of the right wording for your own CV and resume. Choosing a layout from one of our templates and themes is a way to stand out while creating a unique look before submitting your resume to an employer or a hiring manager who you are working with professionally. Selecting a template or layout style that is relevant to the industry and field you are interested in is also a way to show to potential hiring managers your seriousness about the job and dedication and commitment to receiving the offer of the position.

Phrases and Keywords

When choosing to use our resume maker, there are many different categories to choose from while browsing templates and styles for the type of position you are trying to land. Some of the most popular categories available in the drop-down menu with our builder include "Architecture, Art, Fashion and Design, Banking and Financial Services, Customer Service, Government, Administrative Support, Accounting and Finance, Healthcare, Performing Arts and Transportation and Distribution".

Selecting a resume template or layout from a specific industry or field is a way to discover keywords and phrases that are most relevant to your line of work--increasing the chances of a hiring manager or employer to view your submission. When working in customer service, some phrases may include "detail-oriented", "friendly", "service-oriented", "loves working with others", and additional social keywords.

Saving Abilities

One of the biggest advantages of using our CV builder is the ability to save copies of your files right from home. Once you choose to create and activate your own account it is also possible to save multiple resumes and CVs for quick access any time you are thinking of applying for a new job. Using our resume and CV creators today is a way for you to break into the job world regardless of your experience!

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