Strong, well-written cover letters are difficult to write--but learning this essential skill will provide you with an incredible advantage when it comes down to you and someone else vying for the same job. Admittedly, they are not fun to write. But as an accountant, you know full well that often the things that aren't necessarily "fun" to do tend to be the most important. Cover letters are no different, and thankfully there are plenty of templates you can use to both learn about what should be in your letter and to help you create a masterful letter of your own. Below, you will find an accountant cover letter sample and tips for how to create one for yourself. We've created the accountant cover letter sample based on several real-world examples. You don't want to simply copy/paste our letter and use it as your own--but it will provide you with a great start.

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Accountant Cover Letter Sample

Dear Jason Fields,

Do you remember when techy wearables was first getting popular? Everyone was asking about whether you could answer phone calls on your watch--I just wanted to know if it came with a calculator.

I'm a strongly skilled financial accountant with 10 years of experience working for both small and mid-sized companies in the greater metro area, most recently with FinCorp, Inc. I recently came across your need for an accountant and, having been a long admirer of your business, I couldn't wait to throw my hat into the ring.

Based on your job listing, you're looking for an accountant who is familiar with various accounting software, such as Quickbooks. I'm very familiar with Quickbooks, but I've also helped advise my past employers on several other financial software options as well.

I did want to call out that I noticed a small typo/error on your website. I mention this not to chastise, but rather to demonstrate my strong attention to detail. In the world of finance, the smallest errors can lead to the greatest headaches. I take pride in my level of attention, but I also work well with a wide range of professionals.

To close, thank you so much for taking the time to consider me more closely. With an opportunity such as this, I imagine the competition level of interest will be strong. There is so much more that I would like to share with you about my relevant expertise--perhaps we can set up a quick introductory call following your receipt of this letter?

Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Marta Banks