Virtually every company has an accounts payable division. So when the perfect company for you comes around, you don't want to miss out on the opportunity!

The best way to snag your ideal job as an accounts payable professional is to write a strong cover letter. After all, a cover letter is the first thing your potential employer will see about you, and it's a place to distinguish yourself from other applicants with the same credentials.

But of course, like all important parts of the application process, writing a cover letter is not very fun, and it can even be downright strenuous. Unlike the rest of your resume, the cover letter requires excellent writing skills and organization, two things that many people struggle.

To help with this daunting task, it's a great idea to look at an example of a cover letter. This accounts payable cover letter sample and the following tips are the perfect reading material for anyone looking to improve their resume and snag their dream job.

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Accounts Payable Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Doe,

I recently read in your accounts payable specialist job description that you are looking for an experienced, skilled clerk. With twenty years of work in the field and excellent communication abilities, I believe that I am the man for the job.

I started working as an accounts payable specialist right out of college, and I have continued since. In that time I have learned many skills, including:
• Exposure to four different accounting software packages, including QuickBooks.
• Mastery of the OneDrive system as it relates to financial documents and confidentiality.
• Official certification in the Microsoft Office Suite, including a special course in Excel for accounting.

Based on the duties and responsibilities described in your job listing, these past experiences will allow me to start working at full capacity from day one. You need an employee who can learn new software quickly--not only do I have experience learning new software, but I am already familiar with the software that you use.

Your ideal employee also needs to have great communication skills, and I am proud to count both written and verbal communication as some of my best soft skills, in addition to time management and efficiency.

As an accounts payable specialist, I have been given the opportunity to work in a wide variety of fields, including health care, dining, and law. Even with this wide variety of experience, The Doe Corporation stood out to me as an excellent place to work. The car insurance industry poses a new challenge for me and I am interested to learn more about the field.

If my skills and experience sound appealing to you, please take a look at my attached resume, which includes a detailed listing of my previous work experience and my primary methods of contact.


Bob Smith