Some job applications have a cover letter as an optional extra, and it can be tempting not to include one if it isn’t strictly necessary, but not to do so is a huge mistake. Your cover letter is your first chance to impress a potential employer, so why not give yourself as many opportunities as possible to make a good impression?

Writing a letter about how perfect you are for the job you are applying for might not come naturally to you, but there are some tried and tested techniques to make your cover letter stand out to a recruiter and encourage them to think of you in a positive light. The internet is full of tips and advice on what you should and shouldn’t include, and our cashier cover letter sample comes with plenty of ideas to help you get the balance exactly right.

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Cashier Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Cooper,

When people shop at your stores, they expect a warm welcome and excellent service and my proven ability to uphold those standards would make me an excellent SuperWell cashier

You need a cashier who can maintain your high standards for accuracy, provide excellent customer service and be quick and efficient. In my current role with ABCMart, I have consistently achieved the highest accuracy rates of my current team, and my supervisor asked me to train my colleagues in how to speed up their scan rates due to the efficiency of my technique.

I understand that SuperWell prides itself on providing an impeccable customer experience and expects its cashiers to adhere to its high standards for customer interaction. During my time at ABCMart, I have received several employee awards for customer service, been the subject of more than 30 positive feedback comments submitted through our online system and led a team that was selected to train other cashiers in the region due to the high standards we achieved.

In a job where appearances matter, I always notice how clean and tidy the checkout areas in SuperWell and I believe that an organized workstation is important to customers as well. I designed my own ‘cashier caddy’ which I use to keep everything organized when I’m at work and have been discussing the use of them throughout the store with my current manager.

As a long-term customer of SuperWell, I would like nothing more than to join the company that I have relied on for excellent quality in the past and I would love to learn more about this opportunity.

Many thanks for your consideration,

Samuel Mitchell