As a certified nursing assistant, you've taken classes, gained experience, and probably worked for years. You know that your experience makes you a great fit for your dream job--but does your potential employer know it, too?

The most powerful part of your resume is your cover letter because this single document has the power to display these unique strengths and distinguish you from the rest of the competition. Chances are, the other nurses vying for the job have the same level of experience as you, and your resumes will look pretty similar. But your cover letter, on the other hand, has the power to be completely different from anything else your employer will read.

If you want to master the art of writing cover letters, you have to start by looking at samples. These will show you the best ways to communicate your ideas so that you have a firm foundation when you go to write your own. Take a look at this certified nursing assistant cover letter sample and the tips that follow.

Create My Cover Letter

Certified Nursing Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

Did you know that nursing is one of the most popular career paths for young people, and millions of students are currently enrolled in nursing programs across the country?

I learned this firsthand because just a short while ago, I was one of these students. In fact, I graduated at the top of my class, all while juggling internships with four different companies throughout my college career.

But more importantly, my nursing skills extend outside of the classroom; kind, caring behavior is part of my personality. You need an employee who not only knows classroom material but also has a patient, loving attitude. I excel at maintaining this attitude because I have spent four years working with patients--time which I have spent perfecting my skills.

Additionally, in this world of ever-changing technology, you need a nurse who can handle the latest EMRs. In each one of my internships, I successfully learned a new EMR system in just a few weeks.

My other notable experiences and skills include:
• Attained a perfect score on the certification exam.
• Additional certification in HIPAA policies and how to handle breaches in security.
• Experience working in both pediatric and adult hospitals as a nursing assistant intern.

Even though I am a recent college graduate, these experiences have allowed me to perfect my nursing skills, master the correct attitude, and adjust to today's technological challenges in the workplace.

North Hospital stuck out to me as an excellent place to work primarily because I have a passion for working with children. Working with your team as a nursing assistant will give me the opportunity to help this vulnerable group while simultaneously fulfilling my passion.

I look forward to hearing from you--thank you for your time.


Jane Doe