Value and quality are what a cover letter needs to demonstrate your qualifications. It is a difficult task to think of the right words to include in a job application cover letter. If you want to land the job, though, you should learn how to create an effective cover letter that gets results. It could pay back big dividends.

A job application cover letter has unique challenges because you may not even be submitting a resume along with it. It is still vital because it could convince the company to hire you over other qualified candidates. Share positive opinions about the company and their services or products. If they are impressed enough with your credentials and what you write, your job application may go to the top of the pile.

To help you write the cover letter, review our useful tips and our cover letter sample for a job application below to help create your own unique cover letter the right way.

Create My Cover Letter

Cover Letter Sample for a Job Application

Dear Mrs. Pinsky,

I recently graduated from high school and plan on going to college in the morning and early afternoon hours on week days beginning in August. I am searching for a job that can work with my college schedule because I will be supporting myself, as well as paying for my school tuition and expenses through loans and grants.

When I went to your convenience store yesterday and spoke with you about the position, I enjoyed meeting you and was excited that you would be willing to accommodate me so that I can work and pursue my studies, too. I truly appreciated that, so I wanted to submit my application, which is attached to this letter.

I worked the cash register at the local amusement park every summer for the past two years, and my receipts always match the contents of the register. I was always on time and stayed late if the park needed me to. I am personable, organized, and hard working.

I often assisted the park with their annual inventory at their gift shops, so I am qualified to do so for your store as mentioned in your cashier advertisement. I am excellent with operating computers and hand-held devices. Math is one of my favorite subjects, so I shouldn't have any trouble with making the change and recording inventory.

I do hope that you will give me the opportunity to work evenings and some weekends at your store. I don't think you will regret your decision if you hire this go-getter gal, as I am often jokingly called.

I look forward to your email or call soon. By the way, I can start working immediately.


Carly Giangrosso