Employers still desire a cover letter with a resume so they can quickly scan the letter to weed out those who seem qualified versus those who are not. It is a huge time-saver. In fact, many companies will not review a resume without one.

An unadvertised job cover letter preparation contains certain challenges, but it is still important because it could convince the company to hire you for an opening they haven't posted yet. If they are impressed enough with you, they may not want to lose you to another employee and create a new position just for you.

It is difficult to figure out what the company may be looking for in a job candidate when there isn't a job advertised listing requirements. Review our useful tips and our cover letter sample for an unadvertised job below to help create your own unique cover letter that will win them over, even without a company advertisement.

Create My Cover Letter

Cover Letter Sample for an Unadvertised Job

Dear Ms. Bowen,

I have driven past your amazing company every day for over 10 years, hoping I could somehow gain enough experience and obtain my college degree so I could be considered for your successful sales and marketing team. Well, I hope that time has come, because I recently received my bachelor's degree in marketing and I have become one of the top sales earners in my company.

One of your current employees in your marketing and sales department, Pete Lewis, mentioned that you would have a sales opening soon due to an ongoing company expansion. I know the position is unadvertised now, but I do hope you will consider me in advance.

I have worked for one of your competitors selling similar products, and your reputation as a leader in product innovation, customer service, and taking great care of the needs of your employees convinces me that a career with your company would be a major step up. I could provide new and innovative ideas that would help your sales grow exponentially.

Although I know you receive many applications and resumes year-round, I hope you will strongly consider hiring me as your next team member in your sales force. If I could speak with you about my sales record and achievements further, I would greatly appreciate your time in allowing me to do so.

Again, thank you for allowing me to submit this correspondence and resume, and I do hope to be contacted soon about the upcoming opening.

Sincerely Yours,

Thomas Miller