In the world of science and technology, data entry is an essential part of a successful business. With thousands of companies hiring data entry specialists, many people have chosen to go down that career path. Unfortunately, this huge workforce means you will have to fight harder for a spot at your dream company.

To claim that coveted position, you must focus on your cover letter. This one-page document will shape the employer's first impression of you, and it is the perfect place to go beyond your qualifications and truly distinguish yourself.

But like all parts of the job application process, writing a cover letter is tough. Your tone, style, and content all need to be spot-on if you want to make a great impression on the reader.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution to honing your cover letter skills--studying samples. Seeing others' work gives you a benchmark to judge your own writing. With that in mind, check out this data entry specialist cover letter sample and accompanying tips.

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Data Entry Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Smith,

Most people think that anyone can be a data entry specialist. But I'm here to prove that most people are wrong.

In fact, it takes a very special type of person to be successful in the field of data entry. Your ideal candidate needs to have excellent attention to detail, outstanding time management, and expert knowledge of database software.

After five years of working in the field, I have all of these necessary ingredients for success. Though I started out with a liberal arts degree, my love of order and detail brought me to a career in data entry. In each of my jobs since, I have wowed my employers by beating even the toughest deadlines and keeping a near-perfect accuracy rate.

In terms of data management software, I have worked with the following:
• Two years of experience using Excel, with the statistics add-in.
• Three years working with the ORACLE database system.
• One year of experience with MySQL technology.

You need an employee who can quickly adapt to new technologies, and as you can see from this wide variety of experience, I have lots of practice learning database software.

My experience and personality make me a top choice for many companies, but Smith Theatre particularly caught my eye. I have always been passionate about the fine arts, and I was an actor myself while in college. Doing data entry for your ticket sales would allow me to combine my day job with my passion, an opportunity that I can't pass up.

Please take a look at my resume below, which goes into more detail about my past work experience and education. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


John Doe