Data is all around us, from athletics to programming. As a data scientist, your work is in high demand! You have a lot of companies and fields to choose from when you are building your career.

When your dream company has a promising opening, you need to make a good impression. That’s why your cover letter, the first thing your potential employer will read about you, is so crucial.

But of course, creating the ideal cover letter is difficult. You have to edit your content, engage your reader, and perfect your writing. Thankfully, there is a simple way to step up your cover letter game–reading samples. By analyzing others’ work, you will be able to see which approaches will work for you and avoid wasting time down the wrong path.

This data scientist cover letter sample and accompanying tips are the perfect place to start. Keep reading to learn how to create the best possible cover letter that might land you the job of your dreams.

Create My Cover Letter

Data Scientist Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Smith,

While most people spend their Sunday afternoons watching football, I prefer to contribute to open-source coding projects. In fact, I’ve always had an interest in math and logic, and ever since I turned my passion into a master’s degree in computer science, I have been a data science professional.

In the past 10 years of my career, I have mastered close to a dozen programming languages and software packages. My most notable proficiencies include:
• Mastery of SQL and relational databases, in analytical environments.
• Work with deep learning neural networks, mainly Tensorflow and PyTorch.
• Experience in the shell environment through Bash.

I have also worked in the realm of web development, specifically in web application development and web-scraping.

In addition to these excellent hard skills, I have also picked up a variety of useful soft skills in my time as a data science specialist. I am great at time management, and I can finish projects in much less time than other employees. Not only will this help me get more done, but it will also minimize your overtime pay.

Additionally, you need an employee who can handle hard math, and with my minor in general mathematics, I can tackle even the toughest problems with ease and speed.

My expertise has led me to a variety of niches in the past, but I have a special interest in Smith Corporation. Risk analysis for the home insurance industry sounds like a fascinating career path, and I am excited to dig into the math behind quotes, payments, and deductibles.

If you are interested in learning more about my career and expertise, please see the attached resume. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


John Doe