The name 'cover letter' is a little misleading as it implies that the sole purpose of writing it is to give a simple explanation of the contents of your resume. However, a well-written cover letter can go much further than simply explaining that you want to apply for the role advertised and have attached your resume for consideration.

When done well, a cover letter can make an excellent first impression on a recruiter and, in some cases, convince them that you are the right person for the job. The secret to doing all this with your cover letter is no mystery, and it can be achieved using some simple ideas as a starting point, although it can sometimes feel like the wealth of advice and information on the internet is overwhelming. Our digital marketing cover letter sample has everything you need to write a cover letter that will catch the attention of an employer and encourage them to read more.

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Digital Marketing Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Benjamin,

As someone who has been involved in digital marketing for years, I was excited to see a vacancy with Digital Does It. I have been a fan of your agency's work since you started working with Wear Right, which has since become one of my favorite brands. That campaign appealed to me on every level - it was clever, persuasive and seemed to tread the fine line between ubiquity and over-exposure which are all things I aspire to as a digital marketer.

As well as bigger online advertising campaigns, I see you are looking for someone with experience managing and optimizing search engine marketing campaigns, which is where I started my digital marketing career. In my current role at XYZ Marketing, I have run campaigns for some of our biggest clients, achieving their highest conversion rates which cost on average $5 compared to a cost per conversion of $14.50 on their previous campaign.

I read in the news that you will be working with the charity Homes for Children to raise their profile in order to help them achieve their fundraising goals. I admire businesses that give back to the community in which they operate, and I would love to be in a position to use my skills to help those who are in need. I would happily offer my services to help with the Homes for Children campaign out of office hours as well.

I would love to talk to you about the future of the business and how my skills could prove profitable for Digital Does It. Would it be possible to schedule a phone call on receipt of this letter?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many thanks,

Jacob Rodriguez