Cover letters can look like the hardest part of your job search. You know that this will be the first thing that a potential employer sees, and it holds the key to getting an interview or not. Everyone already knows that a strong, personalized cover letter is valuable. The problem is that many people don't know how to write one. Every industry has its own specific needs; if your cover letter isn't tailored to the specific job, then you are going to be at a disadvantage when put up against other applicants. Instead of guessing about what employers need, you should do research to ensure that your cover letter will stand up against the rest. Using a cover letter sample to help guide you is an excellent way to prep yourself. Use the tips and tricks in this elementary teacher cover letter sample to give your application the head start you need.

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Elementary Teacher Cover Letter

Dear Headmaster Thompson,

When I began my career I wanted to join a school where I felt that I would make a difference. I grew up with teachers that guided and mentored me. I wanted to help young young people and give them the same foundation that I was given. When I saw your position advertised I was thrilled. I know that at Walkerville Elementary you have a mission to help students focus on food outreach. One of my proudest moments was having my class host a local cooking class that focused on how to make healthy snacks and lunches on a budget. It was one of my proudest moments.

Researching your institution I saw the same smiles from students and their families as I saw in person. I also respect the dedication that you have to keeping an up to date curriculum. I noticed on your school blog that you are transitioning to Umbrella Corporation's guidelines for your science curriculum. I've been using Umbrella Corporation's guidelines for a number of years now and feel like my experience with teaching health, particularly about viruses has benefited greatly because of it.

I'm also very excited to talk to you about your upcoming summer skills days. During my time with Hogwarts I helped with our vacation program. It looks similar to the one that you offer during the last week of summer. I would be excited to lend a hand with these events in the future.

I hope that I will be able to talk to you about this position and my experiences further.

Thank you in advance for your time,

Mrs. Frizzle