A strong cover letter is not only an opportunity to make a good first impression on a potential employer, but it's also a chance to provide a recruiter with reasons to hire you. It can highlight your skills and demonstrate your commitment to the role while portraying you as honest, professional and eminently qualified.

However, writing a cover letter that meets all these criteria is not always easy. Finding the words to tell someone how amazing you are can be difficult and many people struggle with differentiating their cover letter from the information on their resume.

One of the best ways to overcome cover letter writer's block is to do a little research and find a template or writing sample that you give you an idea of style and tone and help you to organize your thoughts. Our English teacher cover letter sample comes with ideas and advice to help you put together an application that will help you to land your next job.

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English Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Dear Ms. Washburn,

I was thrilled to see an English teacher position at Greenvale High School advertised as I really enjoyed working there as a substitute teacher last year and have been keen to return ever since.

The work that the English department has been doing to improve their results has already yielded impressive results, but I have some ideas of how to engage the student which I believe could contribute to the program's success. I have recently completed a training course focusing on how to engage boys and encourage them to enjoy modern literature and the techniques I learned could prove invaluable to Greenvale's current mission.

I see from the job description that you are keen to hire someone with experience of supporting students with physical disabilities. During my substitute career, I have provided one-to-one support for a student who needed an amanuensis and required additional support to allow them to access the drama-based elements of the course. As such, I believe that my understanding of the barriers that students can face would make me suitable for this role.

The school website mentions that you are hoping to offer more extra curricular activities to students next semester and I would be very interested in contributing to realizing that goal. I have been working with a community theatre group in my spare time and have seen the positive effects that this has had on the young people involved. I would be very interested in collaborating with the drama department to offer something similar to Greenvale's students.

Given my knowledge of the school, there are some other ideas I have had that could contribute to the success of the English department and I would love to share them with you. Could we schedule a call once the school is back in session?

Many thanks for your time,

Carmen Calhoun