When you're applying for a job, you can probably get away with writing a cover letter which mentions a few keywords and making sure you've proofread and corrected any typos. However, if you want to impress a recruiter rather than simply getting the job done, then you can use your cover letter to great effect. By linking your letter to the job description and demonstrating that you have the skills and experience to meet the needs of the business you're applying to, you can improve your chances significantly.

There is so much advice online about how to craft the perfect cover letter, what you should and shouldn't include and worked examples designed to demonstrate best practice. While these are helpful, the sheer volume of tips can be overwhelming, but our front desk receptionist cover letter sample has plenty of accompanying advice which can be used to create a cover letter which will catch the eye of any potential employer.

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Front Desk Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. McGinty,

Working for the Summerside hotel has been a dream of mine since I stayed there with my family when I was at high school. We had never been to the city before, and the front desk staff were so welcoming and knowledgeable; it was the first time I had had any inkling of how important the role is to the smooth running of a hotel.

I saw in your listing that you are looking for someone with a second language. I was raised bilingual, so I'm fluent in Spanish as well as English and have studied enough French and German to understand and make myself understood in basic conversation as well.

Your hotel's reputation for excellent customer service and providing a 'home from home' for your guests is one of the things that appeals to me most about the role. I have been working at The Bayview Hotel for the last five years and starting as a member of the cleaning team. Whenever I have earned a promotion, my friendly and professional approach to guests has been praised. I recently completed an in-house training session on customer service and complaints management which could make me a valuable asset to your customer-facing team.

Since working on reception at The Bayview Hotel, I have implemented a number of systems to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors. These include: designing a new form for dealing with customer complaints, implementing a system of double checking requests for alarm calls, and organizing a system between the staff to enable shifts to be swapped more efficiently.

I would love the chance to meet you and learn more about this opportunity.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Jameson