People might imagine that people who work in HR would be experts at writing cover letters, but there's a huge difference between reading other people's applications and writing one of your own. Arguably, it could be more important to impress recruiters when you are applying for a role in human resources as they will expect you to understand how vital a strong cover letter can be in helping them make a decision.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources to help you get started and give you tips and ideas on what to include. Many recruiters are happy to share their experiences and provide lists of things to avoid, many of which you may recognize, so you can avoid making the same mistakes yourself.

Our human resources manager cover letter sample is an easy way to get started, and the accompanying advice will help you put together an application which will get you noticed for the right reasons.

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Human Resources Manager Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Washburn,

As a fellow HR professional, I was excited to see the role of human resources manager advertised as I was have been following the story of the award Omnicorp recently won for their employee engagement program.

I saw from your website that your next step involved putting a peer mentoring system in place, which is of particular interest to me as I designed and implemented a similar scheme when I worked a Ubermart. I believe my experience of launching and running a similar scheme successfully could prove invaluable to Omnicorp and I would love to work with your team to realize this goal.

From the job description, I see that you are looking for someone with strong negotiation skills. While I was employed at Superfast Airlines, I was part of a team that managed salary and contract negotiations with all the employees who were in post at the time of their takeover of Ultra Jet with great success.

Your request for candidates who could help with your 'diversity in recruitment' drive really spoke to me. The years I spent working in local government has given me plenty of insight into equality and accessibility legislation and an understanding of the barriers that some people can face when trying to enter the workplace. I was responsible for introducing a range of internal policies for my department and others and would love the chance to use my experience to help Omnicorp meet its targets.

I have a number of ideas that I think could complement the work that Omnicorp is doing, and I would love the chance to talk to you about them.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Jason Barnett