Employers want to hire lecturers that have the skills and education necessary to trust with their student body. A cover letter is the best way to prove your worth to a school or university.

Lecturers usually dislike writing assignments. They like speaking a lot more. Creating a lecturer cover letter is tough. Many may ask if a lecturer cover letter is even necessary since the internet is controlling job search functions nowadays. Some believe very few or read, so they don't bother to take the time to prepare a cover letter.

However, a lecturer cover letter is still valuable to put your resume higher up on the list and not get cut prematurely. It may be true that many cover letters are ever reviewed, but if yours is compelling, you have a greater chance of having yours read.

Review our lecturer cover letter sample below and the tips that follow to create your own unique cover letter that can lead you to success.

Create My Cover Letter

Lecturer Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Cox,

I have publicly spoken about politics since my high school debating days. Politics and law were my favorite debate subjects. I was told that I should make a living at speaking because I never could stop talking about something I was passionate about. While attending college studying political science, I interned with local politicians and promoted their candidacies in a passionate, verbal way. The college debate team was even more challenging and spruced up my debate and lecturing skills to a high level.

I loved my university so much; I stayed to get a Ph.D. in political science, all the while practicing my speaking skills at political rallies and other political, organizational events. You mentioned that you were looking for someone that has a well-rounded political knowledge and keen understanding of current issues. You further asked for a student that can stay calm and cool if students want to strongly debate issues.

Well, I think I am your man because that is exactly what I have been doing since college. Although it is not an easy task, humbly I must confess that I have been told that I keep my composure when confronted with political issues.

Although I have not been formally employed as a political science lecturer, I believe my years of practical experience more than substitutes for any formal employment. Being hired as a lecturer at your esteemed university would provide you with a passionate and driven political science enthusiast with a Princeton education who would be able to challenge the most determined student positively.

Thank you for your review of my credentials, and please reach out to me for a conversation about the lecturer position.

All my regards,

John Stevenson