LPN applicants rarely like writing cover letters because they are so darn busy. Many LPNs don't think it is even necessary since the internet is dominating job searches.

However, a cover letter is still important to stand out from the crowd and reveal your personality.If only one out of two letters are read, that is still a 50 percent chance to get noticed over others who didn't submit a letter.

It is difficult, to say the least, to create a compelling cover letter for an LPN position. Review our LPN cover letter sample below, and the tips that follow to create your own unique cover letter that will win them over.

Create My Cover Letter

LPN Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Cochran,

Nursing is more than just a job to me. It is my calling and mission in life. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. The joy I receive from helping my little patients truly gives me a purpose in life that moves me deeply. Helping save these vulnerable and sick babies can't be more rewarding.

The job description and requirements listed in your employment ad seemed like they were tailor-made to fit my education, skills, and experience. I am an LPN with over 5 years' experience working in the neo-natal pediatric ward of Children's Hospital in New Orleans.

However, I am moving to Boston with my fiancé next month, so I was thrilled to see your LPN pediatric nurse job opening because I understand your children's hospital is one of the top-rated pediatric facilities in the country. I would be so proud to become a valuable member of your pediatric nursing team. I know I can bring a lot of abilities and finely honed skills to your hospital.

I have helped care for the sickest babies born in New Orleans, with serious conditions such as birth defects, problems stemming from prematurity, heart and lung problems, drug and alcohol withdrawal, surgical problems, and even gunshot wounds. Since Boston is also a large urban city with similar medical needs, I believe my unique big city nursing experiences would be a great asset for your hospital.

If you agree, could we speak more about my nursing credentials and experience? I am available by phone, or I will promptly travel to Boston for an interview. I know an opportunity to be employed by such a renowned hospital is an honor, so I thank you for your time and would appreciate your upmost consideration when evaluating job applicants.


Catherine Meyers