When you work in marketing the hardest product to promote is usually yourself. Even candidates who come up with the best slogans and can identify a USP from a brief glance at a product find themselves floundering when it comes to giving their own resume the same treatment. Cover letters often prove to be the hardest thing to write for even the most accomplished marketing professional.

Knowing that a cover letter can serve as an introduction to a potential employer can make it hard to settle on the content, especially when you are particularly passionate about a role. If you are finding it hard to market your skills, then writing a cover letter might seem like an impossible task.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources designed to help you create a cover letter which will appeal to a recruiter, although the sheer volume of information on the topic can seem overwhelming. Our marketing associate cover letter sample comes with plenty of advice to help you make your next cover letter stand out.

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Marketing Associate Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Frame,

As soon as I saw the marketing associate vacancy listed on your website, I knew I had to apply as I’ve been following Biz Co’s work ever since I did a project on the viral marketing campaign you ran for your Christmas campaign a few years ago. I received a commendation for the project, but also signed up to all your mailing lists and since then I have been consistently impressed by your innovative approach to communicating with your customers.

That approach is something I have tried to replicate in my most recent role at ABC Products Inc, with some success as I recently increased our email conversion rate by more than 50% with a video ad that has been mentioned in both the local and national press.

I was impressed to read about Biz Co’s recent award for services to marketing and advertising and I believe my analytical approach to marketing could be an asset to a team which is so results-driven. By providing every team member with a detailed breakdown of the outcomes of every project we have run over the last year, we managed to identify some trends which should make our future campaigns convert better and yield higher volumes of sales.

I see that you aim to recruit someone with an understanding of the metrics involved in assessing marketing efficacy. While working for ABC Products Inc, I have completed training courses in all kinds of market, data, and out come analysis, so I could prove a valuable asset to the team responsible for compiling that data.

I appreciate your time in considering my application and I hope to hear from you in due course.

Many thanks,

Kelvin Delaney