Busy medical facilities hiring nurses will want to receive an informative, easy to read cover letter to make their recruiting and hiring process simpler. That is why the cover letter is still an integral part of the hiring process and should not be avoided. Mailing cover letters and resumes are old school. The fact is, this letter is still vital to help you make a strong statement about your fine qualifications that can get you an interview.

Statistics reveal that about one out of two cover letters is typically read. The ones chosen for review concisely tells the employer enough about your skills so they can form an opinion as to whether you have at least the minimum qualifications for the position. Then, they choose whether they with review your resume. The better the cover letter, the better your chances are for getting the position.

To give help and assistance with writing the cover letter, please review our helpful tips and the nursing cover letter sample below to help you create your own special cover letter that works well for you.

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Nursing Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Jones,

I remember all the flights I took when I was stationed with the Army in Afghanistan to save the lives of our troops. It was the most intense and emotional nursing training anyone could ever encounter. However, it was well worth the effort, especially because of the immense gratitude I would often receive from the wounded soldiers and their families.

When I left the service for civilian life, I decided to go back to my home town and work as an RN at a hospital with the best emergency and critical care department in the city. However, after a couple of years, I started yearning again for the flight emergency air rescues and the personal satisfaction it gave me.

When I saw your advertisement for a flight nurse, I jumped for joy because it is a rare opportunity in this town. After learning more about your air rescue company and your perfect safety record and successful patient outcomes, I knew you were the company I should bring my nursing skills to.

I am an RN and have the emergency and critical care experience that you require. I have kept up with all the licenses necessary to work air rescue missions. I am ready to board that flight as soon as you are ready to make me a member of your nursing flight team.

I look forward to receiving a call or email so that I can go over some of my Army rescue experiences I encountered that gave me knowledge and skills that many RN’s may not have acquired.

Regards to you,

Major Lucille Barnes (Army Reserve)