No employment seeker ever likes writing a cover letter. You may have heard that cover letters are rarely read and the internet dominates job searches nowadays. However, a good cover letter is still imperative to stand out among other experienced applicants and distinguish yourself as an individual.

It is difficult, to say the least, to create a compelling part time job application cover letter. Review our cover letter sample for a part time job application below and the tips that follow to create your own unique cover letter that can get you that interview and win them over.

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Cover Letter Sample for a Part Time Job Application

Dear Mr. Suarez,

I am a hard working fourth-year computer science student at Florida State University, and I ran across your ad posted at the student union looking for a part time student computer programmer. I am proud to say that I am a computer geek, so computers are my life and soul, to be honest.

Your company is well known for its innovations in the computer field, so I would be very interested in working for your fine company and learning a great deal from your computer programming experts. I will be giving back 110 percent in hard work. The advances you have made are nothing less than phenomenal, and I have read much about the computer processes you have developed.

I am skilled with writing programs in C# or Java, as well as creating software components per your specifications, as your ad specified was needed. I can also perform integration and unit testing of many software components and develop documentation on these components.

I am even more interested in this part time job because I was really hoping to make a career working with your company after my graduation to learn as much as I can about the computer industry. If you hire me, you can have a fully prepped and ready college graduate working hard full time for you in just a few short months!

I would be thrilled to have you contact me because I am ready to start working for you immediately and give you my all. Thank you so much for your interest in hiring Florida State students.


Malcolm Hicks