Value for the money and great employees. That is what a hiring company is truly looking to find when reviewing cover letters. To find just the right words for a professional cover letter can be a real challenge.

Although it can be difficult to write about yourself and figure out what the company wants to read, if you want the professional job badly enough, you must put in the extra effort to create a dynamic professional cover letter.

A professional cover letter is the best way to prove to a company that you are the right applicant for the position. All you need to do is create and send in a cover letter that will be captivating enough to be read.

To help you with that, review our professional cover letter sample below and the tips that follow to help you create your own unique cover letter that just may get you an interview and the job.

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Professional Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Chamberlain,

I have seen many companies come and go during my tenure as a business consultant for my state's small business development center. Much of it was the fault of owners or managers, but I saw too many companies fail because they just didn't know how to follow a good business plan. Many thought they knew better than the pros, but developing and implementing the perfect business plan is no small feat.

I began learning more about the social part of being a business consultant and discovered that it was a bigger part of the picture than I realized. After I earned my MBA, I began taking seminars and reading recommended books and articles on the topic. Suddenly, I noticed I was getting through to more and more businesses, and my consultation work with them started increasing steadily.

Your open business consultant position seems to perfectly line up with my education and experience. I have been providing high-quality business assistance to small businesses for 12 years. I participate in training and information services, in addition to technical and problem-solving assistance. I also help with budgeting and inventory processes, which many times is a business' primary need to start being profitable and successful. I have assisted many diverse types of businesses and have watched the clear majority who implemented my plans go on to thrive.

I hope you will allow me to bring my vast skills and experience to your business consultation firm. It would be a privilege to assist your well-known firm and its valuable clients.

I am ready to do the hard work for you.


Harold Peabody