Finding the right words for a project coordinator cover letter can be hard. However, if you want the position and are willing to fight for it, you need to put in the effort to develop a magnificent cover letter.

A project coordinator cover letter is a great method to let the hiring manager know if you are right for the position. It is quickly scanned in order to locate the most important qualifications needed for the job, so it needs to be powerful and concise. It's up to you to provide a compelling cover letter for he or she to review.

It can be difficult to know what the employer is looking for in an employee when you are creating a project coordinator cover letter. To assist you, review our project coordinator cover letter sample below and the tips that follow to create your own unique cover letter that just may get you the interview and the job.

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Project Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Boudreaux,

I have built a wonderful career as a project coordinator for several years, so when I saw your Monster job posting for a project manager opening for your world-famous corporation, it grabbed my immediate attention and interest.

I currently work as a project coordinator for a large technology company like yours and coordinate many IT and IS projects. Those projects are my forte and why I love my job so much. I would never change my chosen career path, but I believe your innovative corporation and the position entices me to relocate and become an integral of your great team of employees.

In addition to the IT and IS experience you need, I assist in project direction, planning, and completion of all assigned projects. I ensure that the projects are completed timely within the budget and customer specifications. This is what makes for happy customers that stay with the company instead of jumping ship for the competition.

I believe I have the experience, education, and abilities you seek and desire, so I would enjoy taking a trip to Los Angeles and tour your company. It would be a privilege to speak to you about the many technical and difficult projects I have helped coordinate that were successful for both the clients and my current company. I have some ideas to share with you that may be of interest because it could help advance the progress of your own company projects.

If you also believe that my skills will transfer well to your fine corporation, I would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience. Can I expect a call next week to schedule a convenient time?

Thank you for your consideration in reviewing my correspondence. I hope to hear from you very soon.


Kyle Bush