Before you get started, take the time to find out what the company does and what their unique work culture is about. It can pay off for you in the end by gaining rapport with the hiring company.

Finding just the right words and developing the content for a project manager cover letter sample can be a challenge. However, if you really desire the job and are willing to work hard to get it, you need to put in the effort to develop a magnificent cover letter.

A project manager cover letter is a perfect way to let the employment recruiter know if you are right for the position. It’s up to you to provide a compelling letter that the employer simply can’t put down.

It can be difficult to know what the employer is looking for when you are creating a project manager cover letter sample. To help you out, review our project manager cover letter sample below and the tips that follow to create your own custom cover letter.

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Project Manager Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Roman,

I have always been so curious about ever-changing IT processes and computer technology. I decided I would study so hard in high school, forgoing most sports and dating, so that I could receive a high enough GPA to get into MIT.

My efforts succeeded, and I received perfect GPA, even with advanced placement courses. I became the valedictorian and received a full scholarship to pursue my education at MIT. I graduated MIT with honors in computer science with a specialty in information technology. I am humbled, but proud of these accomplishments.

I have worked for a respected IT company for five years, first as a project coordinator, and now as a project manager. Some of my key responsibilities were to manage IT team projects, evaluate IT vendor performance and develop recommendations to present to the finance officer, manage contracts and participate in negotiating new contracts, oversee third party IT vendor relationships, evaluate current processes and develop new ones.

I can comply with Quintiles IT Project Management Methodology (ITPMM), and I hold ICAPM or PMP certifications. I am further able to deliver complete IT project solutions using your corporations’ System Life Cycle (SLC) processes, all within the constraints of the assigned scope, expected quality, time, and project cost.

I believe my education, experience, and skills could be of great help to drive your company’s strategic IT plans and goals to achieve greater success and profits.

I look forward to discussing the project manager position with you in greater detail.


Peter Wilkins