The primary goal of a cover letter is to show the company that you understand the job you are applying for, that you have the necessary skills, and you will fit in with the company culture.

Most retail cashier job applicants, though, would rather not bother with writing one. They may think all that is needed is to upload a resume to the online job application site. Many think most cover letters aren't read at all, so why bother?

However, a retail cover letter is still a vital ingredient to the job process. It helps put an applicant up at the top of the list, distinguishes them as a go-getter, and will help land the job interview. If only a few are read, a letter is needed to get noticed quickly.

It is a difficult chore to prepare a retail cashier cover letter. Review our retail cashier cover letter sample below and the tips that follow to create your unique cover letter that will shine.

Create My Cover Letter

Retail Cashier Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Brown,

I recall the day I got my first real paying job. It was a cashier job at Sears. I was so excited because I not only could buy some things I wanted that my parents couldn't pay for, but I felt somehow more important because I was helping Sears and its customers with their purchasing needs. I started working after school until the evening, and I stayed on after graduation full time. I am proud to say I was a dedicated Sears employee for over 15 years.

Unfortunately, as I am sure you know, Sears has had some financial difficulties, so they are closing the store I have been working at. I must now seek new employment. I wanted to continue working for a large department store, so I chose your company, Macy's, to apply at due to your excellent inventory and customer service. I am confident that my experience will be a great asset to your Macy's employee team.

Your job listing indicated you wanted experienced cashiers, preferably oness that have worked at a large retail store. You also wanted reliable and friendly cashiers. I only missed one day of work during my 15 years at Sears, and that was because my child had to be rushed to the hospital with an injury. I have received multiple customer service awards based on customer feedback indicating my warm demeanor.

I have included my application and resume with this letter, and I do hope you feel that my qualifications would be a great match for your prestigious store. I hope you will ask me to become a part of the wonderful Macy's team.


Renee Singleton