A cover letter is a perfect tool to quickly let an employer know that you understand the job and company culture, and you can perform the responsibilities of the job well. It is an important part of the application process.

Writing a cover letter can be a downright chore and are disliked by most job hunters. You may even think that cover letters are usually thrown away and all employers want to see is the resume.

A retail sales associate cover letter is still important to help get your resume reviewed, which is crucial. Even if the recruiter reviews just a handful of cover letters, it is worth the effort to create a compelling cover letter because you have a chance to be recognized.

You may already know that it 's hard to create a good retail sales associate cover letter. To assist you, review our retail sales associate cover letter sample and advice below to begin creating your own special cover letter that will get you results.

Create My Cover Letter

Retail Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample

Dear Ms. Carson,

I have worked as a retail sales associate for over 10 years. The work experiences with customers were the most rewarding part of the job. I always did my best to assist them to the best of my abilities. I would get customer service awards every year, based on customer written feedback and telephone interviews. I was humbled by the awards, but proud of my abilities at the same time.

I recently met one of your sales associates, Kim Turner, and she told me about how your company is employee-oriented and customer-focused. She went on to say that the employees like their jobs because they have the financial and emotional support of your company behind them. It is clear that your management team is cordial and considerate but still gets employees motivated to do their best work.

Your company is known for happy employees who work as a team and help each other out. I would love to contribute to a store whose management and corporate office put the employees and customers high up on their priority list.

I have the customer service and retail sales skills and experience you are searching for in the retail sales associate open position. I am eager to show you what I can bring to your store in the way of increased sales, customer service, and hard work.

I would appreciate it if we could make an appointment time for me to tour the store and discuss my work experience with you. Let me know what day next week would be good for you.

Sincerely yours,

Mary Cuccia