The company needs to learn more about you and you need to know a lot about them. The cover letter can accomplish this for you. Yes, cover letters are not fun to write. They can be a downright chore and disliked by most job hunters. You may even think that cover letters are usually thrown away and all employers really want to see is the resume. The truth is, the cover letter is still alive and kicking and more important than ever.

A sales associate cover letter is still as important as a resume, because without one, your resume may never be seen. Even if the employment recruiter reviews just a handful of cover letters, it is worth the effort to create a compelling cover letter.

Don't fret because it is difficult to create a good sales associate cover letter. To help, review our sales associate cover letter sample and advice below to begin creating your own special cover letter that can get you results.

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Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Ryan,

I have been told numerous times that I am a born salesperson. I can't seem to stop pitching people on every product and service I believe in, even when I don't get a salary or commission for doing so. I believe it is my outgoing personality that makes me excited about the selling process. I feel privileged to help people discover great products and services that they may not be aware of. I have received many thanks from people who have loved the products or services I recommended, which makes it all worthwhile.

I saw your ad for a sales associate in your medical products division, and I was interested to see that you needed someone familiar with your artificial knee and shoulder medical products.

I have worked for two years with a smaller competitor of yours, so I am familiar with your excellent products. In fact, it was a challenge to overcome objections when the prospective client compared your product with mine. Your safety record and lack of any recalls for the entire history of your company should be commended. I am thoroughly impressed with your product line.

I can deliver excellent sales results. I have exceeded sales goals for my entire career. I was the top salesperson last year in the second year with the company. Since I already have a broad knowledge of your existing products, I can hit the road running to help your current staffing needs. My goal is not to be your top sales person my second year with you, but to achieve that coveted first place spot within my first year of employment.

It would be a true honor to become a part of your excellent sales team, so I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Maria Garcia