Employers want maximum value and talented employees when making employment decisions. So, let them know how valuable you truly are. Stress your fantastic skills, education, or performance. Cover letters are the best way to accomplish this. Yes, cover letters are not fun or exciting to write. They can be a real chore and disliked by most busy sales managers. Many sales managers are convinced that cover letters are discarded and all employers want to see is a resume.

The reality is, cover letters are still expected to be prepared for professional jobs like a sales manager position. Even if only a few sales manager cover letters are read, it is worth the effort to create a captivating cover letter. We have included a sales manager cover letter sample as an example.

Since it is not easy to create a proper sales manager cover letter, review our sales manager cover letter sample and tips below to create your own cover letter that can get your resume read.

Create My Cover Letter

Sales Manager Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Jacobson,

I should be your next sales manager hire because I not only produce top-notch sales results, but the sales force that I manage respect and admire my management style.

I have been told by more than one of my fantastic sales associates that they hope one day to be in my position and develop the same sales skills and rapport that I bring to the sales office and training room every day. I am both humbled and grateful for being perceived as an individual that many of my sales people aspire to become.

I would like to bring these keen mentoring and management abilities to your Fortune 500 corporation because you hire the best of the best. It is clear that you are selective, as you should be. I am sure that your great employees will inspire me to reach even higher goals for my assigned sales force. My sales objectives were exceeded by more than 20 percent for my entire 12-year career, both as a sales representative and in my current position as a sales manager.

The customer service awards I have received have been the most appreciated of all because it proves that my sales associates are treating our clients well and representing our products fairly and accurately with a pleasant demeanor. I am truly humbled, but proud of my customer satisfaction ratings.

I believe I could bring my valued skills and experience to your excellent sales force and inspire them to reach higher sales goals. I look forward to hearing from you to delve deeper into my knowledge and training protocols.


William Jones