One major purpose of the cover letter is to demonstrate that you understand a company's culture, and you can fit in nicely. The cover letter can demonstrate this well. We know that sales representative cover letters are not fun to write. You may even think that cover letters are usually thrown out and not read at all.

The truth is, the cover letter is still alive and more vital than ever. Even if the recruiter scans just a few cover letters, it is worth the effort to create a compelling cover letter. Yours may just be one that is reviewed. That alone can get you an interview.

To help you write a good cover letter, please review our sales representative cover letter sample and helpful advice below. This will help you to begin creating your cover letter.

Create My Cover Letter

Sales Representative Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Shockey,

I loved my sales representative job at AT&T. My degree in journalism with a concentration in advertising gave me all the skills and knowledge I needed to sell, design, and service yellow page ads for my valued clients. Although I only saw them once a year, they would look forward to seeing me, almost like an old friend. The yellow page ads I designed for these businesses worked so well that it would be an easy task to convince them to either renew or even increase the amount of business revenue they would spend.

Well, then came the internet, and now yellow page display ads are barely seen in telephone directories. Even the online yellow pages are mostly written listings without any display ad space.

I'm now ready to utilize my years of education, sales experience, and excellent AT&T training, and bring it to the new age of internet marketing. I have recently taken several certified courses in SEO, website and social media marketing and content writing. I now understand why the switch was made to changeable, dynamic internet advertising. It's because it is easily accessible, it can be changed in a flash, and it's economical compared to big city yellow page advertisements.

I would like to ask you to allow me to bring my unique sales and marketing training to your internet marketing firm. I believe my experience and skills will transfer well to the new advertising sales products available today.

If you believe my credentials and training would be more valuable to your marketing organization, I would like to be considered for that position as well.

I look forward to meeting with you soon to chat about your company and its needs.

Sincerely yours,

Donna Brown