Find out what the company’s work culture is before starting a cover letter. Senior administrative assistants have a tough time creating these letters, too. They wonder what the company is looking for, and fear that they could appear vain if they discuss their awards and accomplishments.

It is important to let your prospective employers know how good you are and all the great things you can help with so they will want to hire you on the spot.

A senior administrative assistant cover letter will make you stand out among other applicants and tells the company you want the job. If it is done right, your letter will have a great chance of being read, and you just may get that coveted interview you desire.

So, for a little assistance, review our sample senior administrative assistant cover letter sample and advice below to help develop your own unique cover letter that gets noticed.

Create My Cover Letter

Senior Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Esteves,

Administrative support services of nearly every type imaginable are my forte. I started out supporting a young startup CEO whose company became known as Amazon. When they became so successful as fast as they did, I decided to help a new startup, a pharmaceutical company.

I am still with them because of the comraderie among employees and the great benefits we receive – both personally and financially – from this magnificent company. Unfortunately, the company is relocating out of the country, and despite my love for the company, I wish to remain in my country of birth.

Your advertisement on an internet job site listing an opening for a senior administrative assistant for the CEO of your growing pharmaceutical company is a great match for my administrative experience and skills.

With the limited space I have, I do want to detail just a few of the duties I performed for both Amazon and my current company. I managed the CEO’s busy and highly detailed calendar, coordinated travel arrangements and external meetings, provided daily company briefings, prepared and protected confidential and proprietary information, distributed company communications, maintained informational databases, and assisted with departmental projects.

I must humbly admit that both Amazon and my current company hated to see me go. They provided letters of recommendation, which I have included with this correspondence. Both CEO’s have also graciously offered to speak with you to discuss my job performance and answer any questions you may have.

I hope you find me an appropriate candidate for the position and contact me at your earliest convenience.


Jeanne Mouton