It is a difficult task to think of the right words to include in an effective team leader cover letter. Many team leaders believe writing one is a waste of time because they aren't read. If you want the job badly enough, though, you should reconsider and put some effort into coming up with a great cover letter. It could pay back with big dividends.

A team leader cover letter entails challenges, but it is still vital part of the job search puzzle. You may convince the company to hire you over other qualified candidates. If they are impressed enough with your credentials, they won't want to let you go so fast.

It is often difficult to figure out what the company may be looking for in a job candidate or how to describe your skills. Review our useful tips and our team leader cover letter sample below to help create your own unique cover letter that will win them over and get you that interview.

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Team Leader Cover Letter Sample

Dear Ms. Cassidy,

Team leaders need to be personable and friendly, while still being respected and able to motivate their assign team to make every effort to get a project done for them. Can you be loved, but still be a tough leader at the same time? Sure, as I have been successful at that for 15 years now. My military experience as a drill sergeant taught me how to motivate and be respected without being disliked. There is a fine line between that love/hate relationship, but if you know how to not cross that line, the projects will get done on schedule and to customer specifications without major repercussions.

I saw your ad searching for a team leader on the Indeed employment site. Since your company designs and manufactures military weaponry, I am convinced that my military and team leader experience will be invaluable. I have handled many of the weapons you manufacture, so I am familiar with the products and their inner workings. I also discovered that you've hired many veterans for your workforce, which are given priority preference. I would love to be the veteran that you are seeking to fill the position.

As a team leader with my current company, I have managed projects and supervise the team operations to make sure everyone is pulling their weight. I also oversaw evenly distributing the workload and maintaining employee motivation and performance at the highest levels.

If you would be so kind to contact me to set up a call or interview, I can detail some of the specific projects I have been involved in that will prove my worth to your company.

Thank you for your consideration in hiring many hard-working veterans in need.


James McMann