It is hard to muster up the time and courage to write a good translator cover letter. You may even ask yourself if it is worth doing at all nowadays because of the internet. Many have been told that no one reads them, anyway.

However, a cover letter is still quite important to distinguish yourself in a talented crowd of applicants. It shows you are interested enough to take the time to introduce yourself. Even if only a small percentage of letters are read, make sure you supply one that has a chance to get you an interview.

Review our translator cover letter sample below and the tips that follow that will give ideas on how to create your own unique cover letter that will win them over every time.

Create My Cover Letter

Translator Cover Letter Sample

Dear Ms. Baxter,

My translator abilities were born from being raised as an army brat. My Puerto Rican-born parents came to the U.S. to attend English-speaking colleges. My father enlisted, and we traveled around the globe. My parents insisted that I speak pure, unadulterated Spanish with them, but non-accented English with my friends and others. That gave me the unique ability to be understood by both Spanish and English speakers, a rarer skill than many realize. This ability has served me well in life.

The skills you identified in your employment advertisement caught my eye because it specifically asked for a translator that has little or no accent and speaks and understands the standard Spanish and English language. I believe I fit the bill nicely.

You further need someone with at least a bachelor's degree in English or Communications with formal Spanish training to ensure that the applicant will have an advanced vocabulary and understanding of both languages. I do possess those education requirements, and more. I have obtained a master's degree in English and took advanced college courses in Spanish to spruce up my abilities significantly.

I understand your desire for a well-polished multi-language translator due to your many business dealings with Spanish speaking CEOs across the globe. I have worked for a global corporation in the same capacity for many years, and I love the many challenges world travel and multi-lingual communication entails. I feel up to the challenge and would enjoy assisting your well-respected, award-winning corporation.

I know you may receive many resumes due to your excellent reputation in the worldwide marketplace, so I thank you for reviewing my correspondence. If you feel I am a good match for your company's needs, I would love to take a little bit of your time to discuss my skills and background further with you.

Again, thank you for your time, and I do hope to hear back soon from you to speak personally.

Sincerely Yours,

John Rodriguez