Putting together an attractive, clear, and well-written resume is a matter of knowing what a prospective employer is looking for. That means knowing how to read the job description and then responding in kind. When you find yourself on the job market, one of the best ways to sharpen your resume is to look at resources that show you what makes for great resumes in your field. There’s simply no other way to make sure the advice aims at the industry you operate in.

That’s why it is so important to find an accounting clerk resume sample that reflects the kind of experiences your previous jobs provided you with. Check out the sample resume included here, and then read on to explore the tips that help you understand why this resume is such a good example for its career field. Once you do, it will be easier to approach writing your own.


Accounting Clerk Resume

Daniel Smith
Denver, CO 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-5511


Five years’ experience in a supporting clerk position within a Fortune 500 accounting department. Provided support to licensed CPAs through data entry, bookkeeping, and report preparation. Spearheaded savings initiatives that led to an overall cost reduction of 5% for the entire department.


  • Knowledge of administrative and clerical best practices
  • Proficiency with FlexiFinancials and Intuit Quickbooks financial management software
  • Additional proficiencies with Microsoft Access, Auditware, and Paisly Cardmap
  • Strong quantitative reasoning skills
  • Excellent reading comprehension and written communication
  • Strong verbal communication and active listening skills

Work Experience

Accounting Clerk, July 2014-Present
Servine Medical Group, Denver, CO
  • Operate accounting software to store, sort, and analyze financial data
  • Check all data entered and figures resulting from calculations for accuracy
  • Receive and record, then bank, cash, checks, and vouchers
  • Operate 10 key interfaces for data entry purposes and to perform calculations
  • Ensure accounting department compliance with state, local, and federal tax laws and business regulations
Financial Data Entry Clerk, June 2010-July 2014
MBG Medical Billing Group, Denver, CO
  • Entered figures and financial data into company bookkeeping software
  • Assisted the accounting clerks with the preparation of monthly financial reports
  • Inspected all entries for accuracy
  • Performed reviews for other data entry clerks to cross-train and to maintain quality assurance
  • Scanned hard copies of documents to ensure electronic archival
Bookkeeper, June 2008-June 2010
Aurora Park Grocery, Aurora, CO
  • Entered figures and financial data into Intuit Quickbooks
  • Compiled sales and expense reports on a weekly and monthly basis
  • Reported financial trends and findings directly to the store owner
  • Advised the owner about possible cost savings opportunities
  • Ensured record backup through electronic archival methods
Data Entry Clerk, June 2006-June 2008
State Farm Insurance, Aurora, CO
  • Read and processed documents pertaining to insurance policies and claims and entered them into the requisite online forms
  • Scanned archival copies of all documents after processing for permanent storage
  • Entered pertinent data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and Access database
  • Verified the accuracy of all data by cross-consulting with the originals
  • Trained new hires in the best practices for data entry


Bachelor of Accounting, 2016
University of Colorado, Denver
Graduated summa cum laude

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

Certified Public Accountant, 2016

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Is This a Good Accounting Clerk Resume? Let’s Check

Does the work experience call attention to both the skills from the skills section and the soft skills that can’t be easily listed out?

This can be a difficult goal to accomplish, but you can see that the accounting clerk resume sample provides for both by showing how the application of the quantifiable skills and the soft skills go together. For example, demonstrating the ability to lead and give feedback and the candidate’s visual inspection skills is easy when you can point to experience cross-training or providing quality feedback to others.

Are there clear duties that provide specific examples of the candidate’s performance in the work experience section of the accounting clerk resume sample?

Yes. While this particular resume does not have many quantifiable metrics, that is because the job is one that involves the constant upkeep and oversight of several complex processes. The accomplishments and duties performed at each job specifically note the ways the duties contribute to the overall function of the accounting department. They also start with easy-to-visualize action verbs, making it easier for hiring managers to see the candidate in the roles described on the accounting clerk resume sample.

Did the summary section bring attention to the trifecta of skills, experience, and accomplishments?

Yes. In fact, the writer of this resume has gone to great lengths to make sure each point speaks to exactly one of those important factors. The resulting crisp, clear, and balanced resume flows well from that opening because of this.

Has the education section demonstrated that the writer of the accounting clerk resume sample possesses all required educational and professional credentials?

In this case, the education section almost makes the candidate appear overqualified, but if you notice, the CPA credentials are very recent. This, coupled with the fact that more and more businesses are requiring full CPA certification for senior clerks, makes the candidate’s approach ideal. Be careful about applying for jobs when you far exceed the credentials required, but remember that companies look for both experience and education. If you are wondering whether or not your resume aims at the right level, take a look at comparable resume samples for both the job you want and the promotion you might be able to gain through a new position.

Is the entire resume written in active voice?

Absolutely. Reviewing the document demonstrates the active voice thoroughly, and without exception. The importance of active voice is twofold. First, it reduces wordiness by discouraging complex verb phrases. Second, it is eminently clear because the syntax of direct voice is more straightforward. For readers looking to review resumes very quickly, this is essential.

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The Most Important Accounting Clerk Resume Sample Takeaways

There’s a lot to absorb when you start looking at the accounting clerk resume sample and the analysis that goes with it. The most important things to remember are easy to keep in mind, though. First, you want to be sure the whole resume demonstrates a clear, active writing voice. Second, all of your skills and accomplishments need to be well-chosen to match the job’s requirements. Third, have confidence and put your experiences out there, because the more detailed and rich your presentation of your past experience, the better. Lastly, use the resume builder to help yourself get organized.