Resumes provide a first impression to recruiters and managers about your skills and knowledge. It takes a well-written resume that clearly matches your background to the open position to get to the interview phase. It helps to read accounts payable specialist resume sample to generate ideas about creating a readable and engaging document. Use this resume sample to create a final draft that encapsulates your qualifications in a format that helps hiring managers quickly identify your strengths and accomplishments as a professional in your field.

Review the accounts receivable resume sample and writing tips on this page as you start creating your document. Use the content as a tool to format your resume, and pay attention to the professional tone in the summary and work experience. Use language that is concise and also communicates your accomplishments and contributions to the organization. Create a resume that catches a hiring manager’s eye by crafting a document that showcases how your background connects with the open position.


Accounts Payable Specialist Resume Sample

Lynne Martinez
Duluth, GA 11111 • lynne.martinez@anymail • 555-334-9278


Organized and detail-oriented accounts payable specialist with experience managing multiple accounts and organizing data. Proficiency in accounting, financial software, and analyzing reports. Experience with audits and managing general ledgers. Excellent customer service under pressure.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Proficient with QuickBooks and Excel
  • Knowledge of best practices for generating purchase orders
  • Excellent understanding of cash flow and accounting principles
  • Experience with updating ledgers and overseeing bank balances
  • Strong mathematical and analytical skills
  • Excellent vendor management capabilities

Work Experience

Accounts Payable Specialist – 2014-present
Humboldt Parters, Inc., Marietta, GA
  • Manage multiple accounts that total to half of the organization’s outgoing payments
  • Review the bank balance on a weekly basis to track outgoing expenses
  • Work closely with the audit team to provide accurate reports of payments to stakeholders
  • Send weekly reports to the accounting team about outgoing payments and the bank balance
  • Lead the transition from a legacy digital system to one that allowed for a 20% decrease in departmental time spent processing payments
  • Developed coding system updates to conform to the standards of the new system
  • Oversee the general ledger entries from accounts payable interns and assistants
  • Answer any questions and develop reports about payment processing inquiries during annual audits
  • Received the department’s employee of the quarter award in Q2 2016
Accounts Payable Clerk – 2012-2014
Area Maps Solutions, Suwanee, GA
  • Verified the totals on incoming invoices for accuracy
  • Processed checks and incoming payments for multiple accounts
  • Generated a new quality assurance process for outgoing payments that increased data entry accuracy by 12%
  • Processed vendor invoices in the accounting system and made updates to the general ledger
  • Renegotiated costs with targeted vendors, and decreased monthly payments to those accounts by 20% while retaining the same level of service
  • Participated on the annual budget committee and provided feedback about the process
Accounts Payable Intern – 2011-2012
Westface, LLC, Carrollton, GA
  • Assisted finance and accounting departments with data entry during the school year
  • Reviewed existing financial records for accuracy and completeness
  • Generated purchase orders for a product line with supervision from the accounts payable specialist
  • Organized digital and print records each quarter for the accounting team
  • Sorted invoices via mail and email for the department


Bachelor of Science in Accounting – 2012
University of West Georgia, Georgia

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Is This a Good Accounts Payable Specialist Resume? Let’s Check

Does the accounts payable specialist resume sample show an ability to pay close attention to outgoing cash flow and vendor management?

This resume does an excellent job of clearly listing the candidate’s skills and accomplishments. The resume sample focuses on the analytical skills and accounting knowledge necessary for the position. The responsibilities and accomplishments in the work experience display the candidate’s engagement with improving processes that impact the overall health of the business. Also, the candidate demonstrates experience with updating statements and managing vendors.

An accounts payable specialist should have industry experience as well as an educational background in accounting or general finance. Is this experience clear in the resume sample?

The educational background provides clear information about the candidate’s degree. What this does is show a baseline knowledge about best practices in accounting. The career progression shows the application of those skills in positions of increasing responsibility. In each position, the candidate displays hands-on experience with financial accounting software, vendor management experience, and an ability to handle sensitive bank and account balance information. This combination of education and on-the-job experience makes this an excellent accounts payable specialist resume sample.

How does this resume distinguish the jobseeker from other equally qualified applicants for the accounts payable specialist position?

Companies want to hire candidates who make meaningful contributions to their organization and who can handle the basic tasks. It is especially important to quantify accomplishments with positions that are responsible for maintaining accurate financial records. What this resume does is quantify any accomplishments that directly impact the bottom line. The candidate gains additional skills in negotiating and preparing for audits that would translate well for more senior positions.

Employers want to see a clear career progression for mid-level and senior positions. Does this resume show an increase in responsibilities during the candidate’s career progression?

Yes, this candidate does show a clear progression in responsibilities. The accounts payable resume sample displays experience in reverse chronological order to show the most recent work experience first. Not only does this show the most current experience, but this also shows more responsibilities. In the most recent position, the candidate oversees the work of other employees.

Does the accounts payable specialist resume sample provide clear formatting and writing?

Hiring managers and recruiters often have multiple projects happening at once. The benefits of the accounts payable specialist resume sample are the clear formatting and organization of information. The writing gets to the point about any accomplishments and daily tasks. What the resume should provide is a brief overview of skills and experience so hiring managers know they should interview you.

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The Most Important Accounts Payable Specialist Resume Sample Takeaways

Hiring managers want to interview candidates who can clearly demonstrate they have the skills, knowledge, and abilities to succeed in the job. The accounts payable specialist resume sample provides a high-level overview of the applicant’s background in a simple and comprehensive document. Your resume should show that your experience and education can clearly add value to the business. If you need additional tools and materials to craft your document, take a look at our resume builder.