Presenting a hiring manager with a well-written resume that showcases your strengths is the best way to move on through the hiring process to the interview stage. However, getting your resume to the point where it will win over a hiring manager can be tough. That is why you should consider using a sample resume as a guide. Referring to a strong external auditor resume sample enables you to see exactly what you should include.

You can read through the resume sample here to gather ideas or even use it as a base to build your own. Either way, it enables you to see what a solid resume should look like. The example gives you specific assistance with what makes an external auditor resume stand out, so refer to it often as you work. Don't forget to also read through the resume writing tips to get additional assistance as you begin to craft your own resume.


External Auditor Resume Sample

Sally Summers, CPA
Vaudeville, NY 11111 • [email protected] • 555-478-2252


Auditor with over 15 years of experience working with various sized businesses to maintain financial compliance. Expert at spotting issues and fraud quickly and creating workable solutions to ensure problems do not come up again in the future. Demonstrated ability to assist a business with reaching goals and improving functions to avoid regulatory issues while also maintaining neutrality.


  • Knowledge of GAAP and financial regulations
  • Communication and consulting
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Goal setting and risk management
  • Ability to maintain neutral stance and objectivity
  • Attention to detail
  • Committed to meeting deadlines
  • Team work
  • Expert in identifying fraudulent activities

Work Experience

Independent External Auditor, July 2014 - August 2017
Verge Industries, New York, NY
  • Consulted with the board of directors to set goals and plan for audit
  • Created auditing team to conduct a complete audit by assigning duties and laying out the auditing plan
  • Identified risks and created suggested steps to reduce those risks
  • Introduced new practices to enable the company to avoid risks in the future
  • Helped to design controls and implement them through working with department heads
  • Created report of findings, including suspected cases of fraud or regulation violations, along with solutions to fix them
  • Changes implemented based off reports generated a savings of $500,000 in fines
External Auditor, August 2010 - June 2014
Bailey Auditors, Upperville, NY
  • Worked with teams to run audits on assigned companies
  • Reported to head auditor any findings
  • Conducted reviews of financial documents and accounts
  • Created findings reports to communicate issues, suspected fraud, and other important information to help the company improve financial controls
  • Suggested changes to help five different companies save a total of $1.3 million
Accountant, September 2007 - August 2010
Smith & Cantor CPAs, Townburg, NY
  • Created financial documents for clients
  • Reviewed clients' financial statements and information
  • Looked for potential savings and errors in business accounting practices
  • Developed a system for identifying and recognizing fraud for junior accountants
  • Awarded customer favorite award for three years
  • Saved clients over $3 million in fines, bad practices, and internal savings measures


Certified Public Accountant, State of New York

Certified Fraud Examiner, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Master of Business Administration in Accounting, 2014
New York School of Business, New York, NY

Bachelor of Business Administration, 2007
New York School of Business, New York, NY

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Is This a Good External Auditor Resume? Let’s Check

Does the resume bring attention to the applicant's skills in accounting?

Auditing requires a solid knowledge of accounting and accounting practices. As an applicant for an external auditor position, you must show you have the necessary skills. In the external auditor resume sample, it is made clear in the skills and education section that the applicant is an experienced accountant with certification. This leaves no room for the hiring manager to question her skills.

Is the resume concise and clear?

Because a hiring manager's time is limited, it is essential that you grab his or her attention right away and present your resume in an easy-to-read format where everything is spelled out. As you can see in the external auditor resume sample, this was done through clear section headers that tell exactly what each section will cover. Bullet points and lists were used to make for a simpler format than paragraphs. Entries in each section were kept basic and short, as well.

Is it obvious from the resume that the applicant worked to build a solid knowledge of how to spot fraud?

A major part of an auditor's job is to spot fraudulent activity and put a stop to it to help prevent the company from getting fined or coming under legal scrutiny. The applicant in the sample resume ensured that she plainly explained her experience with spotting and handling fraud, so the hiring manager will know that the applicant has the right experience.

Does the resume provide a clear idea that the applicant can work as part of a team?

In the external auditor resume sample, the applicant explains in the skills and work experience sections her ability to work in teams. She shows through past work experience how she has managed teams and used them to help with the auditing for companies. Team work in this job is essential because rarely can one person alone handle the job effectively.

Is it clear from the resume that the applicant has the experience required to work as an external auditor?

Working as an auditor requires a strong background in accounting and a firm understanding of accounting and business practices. Throughout each section of the external auditor resume sample, the applicant outlines skills, past experiences, and education that has shaped her abilities and provided her with everything she needs to serve as a competent auditor, including being a CPA, working for various companies conducting audits, and having a solid understanding of regulations and GAAP.

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The Most Important External Auditor Resume Sample Takeaways

As you work on your resume, it is important to keep the best practices, guidelines, and tips you have learned in mind. Because your resume plays a central role in helping you secure an interview, you want to be sure it is well-written. Using the external auditor resume sample as a guide is a great first step. If you need some more help, consider using the resume builder to assist you in putting together a standout resume.