When you are searching for a job, you cannot afford to neglect your resume. Most hiring managers will use this simple document as the primary way they decide which applicants to contact for an interview. The difference between going unnoticed and catching the attention of employers is how effectively your resume communicates your abilities. A strong resume not only lists your education, working experiences, and skill set, but is efficiently organized and exhibits qualities employers desire.

Learn the ins and outs of writing a strong resume. One of the best strategies is to review a resume sample and implement the demonstrated writing tactics. The following internal auditor resume sample shows off what a strong resume should include, as well as the best way to format the content. Take a careful look at both the resume sample and the included writing tips and suggestions before you begin writing your own resume.


Internal Auditor Resume Sample

John Truman
San Francisco, California 11111 • [email protected] • 555-346-7654


Experienced and professional internal auditor knowledgeable in business and office operations. Confident reviewing and evaluating organizations’ financial departments to gain an understanding of risk and areas where improvement is necessary. Strong administrative skills and excellent recordkeeping to catch errors and prevent mathematical mistakes from affecting operation.


  • Manage auditing and financial procedures
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking abilities
  • Mathematically minded
  • Proficient with all standard auditing software
  • Excellent professional, verbal, and written communication skills
  • Comfortable with ACL language and TeamMate software.
  • Intimately familiar with the finance, banking, and sales industries

Work Experience

Internal Auditor – January 2014 to present
Johnson Sales, San Francisco, CA
  • Oversee all auditing functions, evaluating spending and other financial aspects to improve processes and save money
  • Create financial reports that include analysis of raw information and recommendations for improvement
  • Present reports at monthly board meeting, answering inquiries, providing information, and making operational suggestions
  • Evaluate risks in upcoming transactions or processes and document them as well as strategies to minimize risk as much as possible
  • Implement programs to safeguard assets
  • Reduce spending by nearly 15% over four years
Internal Auditor – May 2010 to January 2014
Bayview Manufacturing, San Francisco, CA
  • Guaranteed the organization was in compliance with all policies and laws
  • Evaluated other manufacturing companies and how our financial standing compared
  • Coordinated and conducted on-site internal audits to gain information
  • Worked with the rest of the auditing team as well as state financial examiners to manage corporate finances
  • Followed up on audit results, implementing and managing solutions to improve business and reduce spending
  • Improved efficiency of operations by more than 10%
  • Maintained a successful audit rating of more than 90% over four years
Auditing Assistant – October 2008 to May 2010
Bayview Manufacturing, San Francisco, CA
  • Provided assistance to the internal auditor
  • Followed instruction carefully and precisely
  • Obtained documents, information, or other items quickly upon request
  • Performed internal or market research and presented information to auditors
  • Provided insight into auditing operations


Master of Science in Finance
University of San Francisco, 2010

Bachelor of Science in Business
University of San Palos, 2008

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Is This a Good Internal Auditor Resume? Let’s Check

Does the internal auditor resume sample demonstrate mathematical analysis skills?

It does. This is one of the most important aspects you need to communicate in your resume as well. After reading your application, it should be obvious that you are mathematically minded and capable of performing in-depth analysis. Show these skills through both examples in your work experience and in the style and tone of your writing.

How does the resume sample flow from one section to the next?

By design, resume format should help the documents flow, and this internal auditor resume sample flows wonderfully. It opens with a brief summary no more than three sentences long to hook the readers and encourage them to continue. Then it includes a quick skills section that the readers can understand at a glance to guide them along. Finally, the work experience section, which is the most important, is long and includes great information. Your goal with your resume should always be to get readers to at least reach this section.

Does the work experience section demonstrate auditing expertise, rather than list it?

Absolutely. Including real metrics is a vital part of putting together a masterful resume. They add credibility and provide a better understanding of the extent of your skills. These may include accomplishments or specific numbers that demonstrate your abilities. In the above example, “Reduced spending by nearly 15%” is a specific metric.

Is there a credible history of financial working experience in the internal auditor resume sample?

Because internal auditor is a relatively advanced position, a history of success in the finance department of businesses is important. This resume sample includes three related positions and education in this industry specifically. To be successful, you should do your best to establish your qualifications to enter this important position. Professionals place a lot of trust on internal auditors’ work, so you need to establish that you are responsible and accurate enough to prevent calculation errors or inaccurate analyses.

Does the skill section effectively communicate specific and directly relatable skills to the reader?

It does. The internal auditor resume sample shows some of the more common skills that you could use to establish credibility. You should customize this section to your skills and the desires listed in each unique job description. However, the most important aspect is that every item on the list is immediately relevant to the responsibilities you would have if the reader chooses to hire you.

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The Most Important Internal Auditor Resume Sample Takeaways

As you see from the above internal auditor resume sample and the writing guide, your goal with your resume should be to show the reader why you would be perfect for their opening. To accomplish this, ensure your content is relevant and concise. The format of your resume affects how effectively employers can understand the content, so it should also be a major focus for you. Our resume builder can assist your writing further if you still need guidance.