Your resume gives hiring managers an initial impression of your professional capabilities. A document in which you effectively demonstrate your qualifications can help you stand out from the competition and land an interview. The writing process may go more smoothly when you can refer to a relevant sample. A resume written for the same type of position can remind you of important features that you might otherwise overlook and suggest ways to demonstrate your most important qualifications.

As you plan how to craft your own resume, you may find our payroll specialist resume sample and writing tips helpful. Compare your ideas to specific sections and learn helpful tips for ensuring that your resume suits the position for which you are applying. The examples and advice in this guide can smooth the writing process, improve the quality of your resume, and increase the likelihood managers will hire you for the job you want.


Payroll Specialist Resume Sample

Jim Thompson
Dallas, TX 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-6543


Payroll specialist with more than six years of experience processing payroll and taxes for large companies, especially in the energy sector. Capable of delivering accurate labor hour and overtime calculations for employees. Financial and time accounting software expert.


  • Certified Payroll Professional (CPP)
  • Up to date on best practices and labor laws
  • Handling confidential materials
  • Accounting software and spreadsheets
  • Office software and administrative tools
  • Financial and operational reporting
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Team player with leadership abilities
  • Organization skills
  • Time-management

Work Experience

Payroll Specialist, September 2014 - Present
Lone Star Energy, Plano, TX
  • Process weekly payroll and deductions for taxes, benefits, and retirement for over 1,000 employees on a weekly and monthly basis
  • Promote transition to direct deposit payments and drive paperless paycheck rate up 15% from 82% in 2014 to 97%
  • Ensure that company maintains compliance with employment tax laws and offer support for a range of benefits, payment, and tax issues
  • Initiate new employee payroll and interface with human resources to activate enrollment in benefits packages
Payroll Assistant, July 2012 - May 2014
Standard Power, Dallas, TX
  • Monitored employee time-management system for accuracy, oversaw paid and unpaid leave, and followed up on irregularities
  • Contributed to company tax filings and provided more than 500 employees with documents needed to file personal taxes
  • Checked records for evidence of overbilling or underbilling and reported issues to management, decreasing errors by 20%
  • Registered employment changes, including promotions, demotions, raises, and transfers in financial and time accounting systems
Payroll Clerk, May 2011 - June 2012
City of Richardson, Richardson, TX
  • Sorted paper checks for distribution and verified list of electronic checks and direct deposits prior to final processing
  • Performed administrative duties related to payroll and deductions and assisted payroll managers with larger projects, including an initiative to decrease billing errors by 10%
  • Assisted team involved in reviewing and deciding on more than 250 pay adjustment claims over the course of one year
  • Reduced overtime expenses by 18% by auditing time sheet records


Certified Payroll Professional (CPP), 2015
American Payroll Association, San Antonio, TX

High School Diploma, 2011
Richardson High School, Richardson, TX

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Is This a Good Payroll Specialist Resume? Let’s Check

Does the candidate use the summary statement to catch the eye of a hiring manager skimming this resume?

The candidate provides an overview of his experience, including the length of time he has worked in this field, his major duties in his present and past positions, and the types of companies where he has done most of his work. He draws attention to his ability to accurately calculate standard and overtime pay as well as his familiarity with industry-standard software.

Are the most relevant skills prioritized in this payroll specialist resume sample?

The summary statement begins with a clear statement of the candidate’s capacity to file payroll and tax documentation for large numbers of employees. The skills section starts with his certification, which might either be a requirement or very helpful for a payroll specialist position. Next, he brings up his knowledge of the changing fields of payroll practices and labor laws. All of the subsequent skills and work experience entries in this resume sample support these claims.

Does the work experience section indicate that this candidate has the qualifications for this type of position?

Yes, it does. This section starts with his present role and continues in reverse chronological order through previous positions. It is clear that he provided a wider range of services to more employees in his current position than in either of his prior positions. All of the entries in this section of the payroll specialist resume sample reference metrics indicating that he has made a substantial and positive difference for every one of his employers.

Is the education section in this payroll specialist resume sample organized and complete?

The education section is the shortest section, but it still provides employers with all of the information they need. This candidate holds professional certification directly related to this field as well as a high school diploma. This section also starts with his most recent achievement and continues backward in time.

Would it be easy for a hiring manager to determine whether this applicant qualifies for an open position?

Yes, it is. The summary statement is concise, straightforward, and sums up the candidate’s strongest abilities. He formatted the skills section as a bulleted list so that it is easy to skim with the most important skills for a payroll specialist position mentioned first. He organized the work experience and education sections to present his background in a way that demonstrates his development over the course of his career to date. This payroll specialist resume sample contains all of the information a hiring manager would need to decide whether this candidate merits serious consideration for an available position.

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The Most Important Payroll Specialist Resume Sample Takeaways

An outstanding resume can set you apart from the competition by showcasing your unique competencies and abilities. Basing your resume on this payroll specialist resume sample and following the guidelines discussed above can help you make a positive impression on a hiring manager and stand a better chance of getting an interview and the job you want. Closely examine the description of the job for which you are applying and tailor your resume to specific requirements. If you would like more assistance with the resume writing process, try our resume builder.