A well-written and attractive resume is vital to your job search; it’s often the primary factor hiring managers use in deciding whether to invite you for an interview. One of the best ways to guarantee an excellent final draft is to use a sample resume during your writing process. Reading through a sample resume specific to your industry can help you know what information to include in your own document and how to format that information for maximum readability and impact.

When you’re ready to start crafting your professional resume, start by studying our senior accountant resume sample and the writing tips we’ve included. You can get ideas for each section of your resume and learn how to write in a professional and concise manner that sets your document apart from the competition. With our comprehensive guide and a little hard work, you can create a stunning resume that showcases your unique qualifications to catch a hiring manager’s interest.


Senior Accountant Resume Sample

Matthew Porter
Boulder, CO 11111 • matthew.porter@anymail • 555-485-9374


Dedicated senior accountant with experience managing multiple clients, corporate accounts, and internal budgeting strategies. Expert proficiency accounting, tax preparation, and financial analysis software. Proven track record of developing innovative solutions for improving cost-efficiency, streamlining accounts-receivable record keeping, and simplifying corporate tax preparation.


  • Proficient with QuickBooks, PeopleSoft Financials, and Total Tax Office
  • In-depth knowledge of internal accounting and corporate tax procedures
  • Excellent understanding of economics and accounting principles
  • Organized and accurate
  • Strong mathematical and analytical skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communicator
  • Effective leadership and motivation

Work Experience

Accounting Team Lead – FutureTech, Inc.
  • Manage 10 accounts-receivable team members to ensure accurate and efficient work
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements for individual accounts as well as summaries for entire accounts-receivable department
  • Oversee yearly tax preparations as necessary to ensure timely filing and complete records
  • Develop new digital record-keeping procedures utilizing several accounting programs to ensure readable, accessible, secure, and complete data
  • Complete annual performance reviews for team members and develop individualized goals to improve overall performance and morale
Accountant – Software Solutions
  • Interacted directly with clients to complete accounts-receivable transactions
  • Calculated payment amounts and created accurate invoices for delivery to clients
  • Reviewed incoming payments and updated client accounts to reflect current balance and relevant fees and interest
  • Prepared tax-related statements for submission to accounting department manager, investors, and governmental organizations
  • Developed internal budget strategies that resulted in a 12% reduction of total annual expenditures
  • Received Employee Excellence Award in 2013
Junior Accountant – Westinghouse, Ltd.
  • Assisted accounting team members in creating financial records for corporate clients
  • Reviewed existing financial records for accuracy and completeness
  • Converted physical financial statements and invoices into digital accounting records to improve record-keeping efficiency
  • Created a digital template to standardize financial records, reducing data-entry time by an average of 30%
  • Completed rigorous mentoring program with one-on-one training from senior accountants, tax preparation experts, and financial managers


Certified Management Accountant – 2015
Institute of Management Accountants, Colorado

Master of Business Administration in Accounting – 2012
Colorado State University, Colorado

Bachelor of Science in Accounting – 2008
University of Northern Colorado, Colorado

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Is This a Good Senior Accountant Resume? Let’s Check

Does the senior accountant resume sample indicate the candidate’s ability to prepare financial records, manage client accounts, and develop effective budgets?

Yes. This resume does an excellent job of showcasing the candidate’s effectiveness and value as an employee through descriptions of his professional accomplishments. The summary statement describes the candidate’s “proven track record of developing innovative solutions” that have desirable results. The details in the work experience section discuss the candidate’s method to reduce data-entry time, procedures for improving financial records, and a budget that reduced overall expenditures.

A senior accountant should have a strong educational background in math, accounting, and economics combined with years of industry experience applying that knowledge. Is this expertise evident in the resume sample?

The candidate does a good job of focusing on his professional knowledge and practical expertise. The skills section lists areas of technical prowess: proficiency with financial software programs, knowledge of economics and accounting, and analytical skills. The education section succinctly lists the candidate’s academic experience. Notice how the information is in reverse chronological order, which draws attention to the candidate’s educational progression that culminates in a prestigious certification.

Most accountants have the similar degrees and career paths. Does the work experience section of the senior accountant resume sample distinguish this candidate from other jobseekers with comparable qualifications?

The work experience section does an excellent job of showing how this candidate used his talents to contribute meaningfully in prior positions. The bullet points in each section illuminate some of the most significant accomplishments at each position. The candidate has proven experience implementing effective budgeting strategies and improving the efficiency and accuracy of financial records.

Most employers expect a senior accountant to have jobs with continually increasing responsibility. Does the senior accountant resume sample indicate the candidate is ready for a high-level position?

Numerous sections of this resume showcase the reasons this candidate is ready for an upper-level position. The clearly defined job titles in the work experience show a progression from junior employee to team leader. The skill section lists leadership abilities along with expertise in accounting. Additionally, the candidate’s current position includes managing a team of accountants, and he showcases his ability to motivate his team successfully.

Is the senior accountant resume sample professional and attractive while also being easy to read?

A hiring manager isn’t going to care about a candidate’s qualifications if they’re buried in an overly long document or described in poorly written language. This resume is concise and to-the-point, with only the necessary details included. The simple, clear format makes it easy to differentiate each section and to get all the important information through just a quick overview.

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The Most Important Senior Accountant Resume Sample Takeaways

By following the senior accountant resume sample, you can create a well-written resume that makes it easy for a hiring manager to see all the reasons you would be perfect for the job. As discussed above, you can see how the right format makes your final document easy to read without sacrificing essential details. Showcasing your practical experience by describing how you contributed in prior positions helps the hiring manager understand the value you’d bring to the company. If you want more assistance creating your perfect resume, check out our resume builder.