Sending your resume to a potential employer is like opening a metaphorical window that allows the employer to see who you are and what you are all about. Because of this, you need to be sure that what the employer sees reflects your best self. If you’ve never written a resume before, or perhaps if it’s just been a long time since you’ve had to think about or even look at yours, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Consider using a well-crafted staff accountant resume sample, like the one included here, as a jumping-off point to help you gain momentum as you dive into your job search. From this, you can get a feel for the overall tone the document should have, as well as the critical elements to include, and you can begin to cultivate your own ideas as a result. The resume writing guidance and suggestions that accompany the sample will further assist you in your task.


Staff Accountant Resume Sample

Jeanine Yates
Paris, TX 11111 • jeanine.yates@anymail • 555-555-9033


Dependable, detail-oriented accountant with four years of experience and a positive, can-do attitude. Exceptional tax preparation, budget planning, financial analysis and reconciliation, and reporting skills. Team player with a customer-focused mentality.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Solid working knowledge of finance and accounting principles and procedures
  • Exceptional proficiency in cost accounting, budget analysis, tax preparation, and account reconciliation
  • First-rate mathematical and written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to produce needed results both independently and as part of a team
  • Competence in all standard accounting software, including QuickBooks, Denali, and NetSuite

Work Experience

Staff Accountant – The Wainwright Company
  • Prepare quarterly and annual financial statements for review and analysis by senior accounting team
  • Review and analyze income and expenses for key client projects and present findings to company leadership
  • Reconcile and report performance of actual budgets against predicted budgets to ensure accountability
  • Manage and service 400 to 500 client tax preparation accounts annually
  • Process and resolve all assigned tax preparation accounts on time and under budget for tax years 2015 and 2016
Junior Accountant – Fiduciary Enterprises
  • Executed a wide range of general accounting tasks at the request of senior accounting personnel, such as making bank deposits, carrying out balance sheet and bank account statement reconciliations, and performing account analysis
  • Coordinated, notated, and managed all incoming and outgoing express-service shipments for the accounting department
  • Prescreened job applications from thousands of seasonal-hire jobseekers to expedite the seasonal hiring process
  • Managed conversion of the entire accounting department filing system from hard-copy to electronic, streamlining team access to needed files
  • Earned letter of commendation from company leadership in recognition of tireless late-night and weekend hours spent assisting senior accountants during the hectic fiscal year-end period
Accounting Assistant – Superior Financials, Inc.
  • Supported smooth and efficient operations within the staff accounting department by responding to recordkeeping and tracking requests in a timely manner
  • Monitored and reviewed company budgets and unresolved accounts to ensure proper resolution and handling
  • Greeted and ushered new and existing clients into the office, maintaining the company’s stellar reputation by providing a warm and welcoming experience
  • Assisted in a variety of office administrative tasks, including copying, printing, filing, and following up with clients via e-mail or phone
  • Recognized as employee of the month in August and December of 2013


Bachelor of Science in Finance – 2014
University of Texas at Austin, Texas

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Is This a Good Staff Accountant Resume? Let’s Check

Employers spend only a few seconds looking at a resume before deciding whether a candidate is worth a callback, so it’s essential that a resume is readable. Is this staff accountant resume sample well-organized, coherent, and easy to scan?

Yes. The writer cleanly divided the resume into sections that house the job candidate’s Summary, skills, work experience, and education. She also condensed the material contained within each of these sections into succinct bullet points, making the information effortless to digest. The candidate also takes care to provide a polished document free of spelling or grammar errors, leaving employers with a great first impression.

A resume that reflects a track record of continual job advancement and growth is a major indicator of a candidate’s competence and motivation to succeed. Does this staff accountant resume sample illustrate satisfactory career progression in the accounting field?

This resume undoubtedly demonstrates that the candidate is moving up in the ranks as an accounting professional. Immediately following her work as an accounting assistant, she became a junior accountant. Subsequently, she secured a higher-level appointment as a staff accountant. This type of savvy and ambition is exactly what many employers are looking for.

Does the staff accountant resume sample indicate that the candidate has a firm grasp of mathematics and written and verbal communication?

These are important areas of expertise in the accounting field, and the candidate testifies plainly to her prowess in these areas in the skills section of the resume sample. In addition, she implies a high level of skill in these areas by her completion of an undergraduate degree in finance.

Budgeting, tax preparation, and financial recordkeeping and reporting are essential skills that many employers look for in a staff accountant. Does the resume sample show that the candidate possesses these abilities?

The candidate’s Summary and experience sections speak directly to this question. Take a look at the recordkeeping tasks the candidate performed as an accounting assistant, as well as the account analysis and reconciliation tasks the candidate accomplished as a junior accountant. Also, check out the financial statement preparation, budget analysis, and tax preparation tasks the candidate completed as a staff accountant.

Many accounting firms want a staff accountant who can work independently and would prefer someone who is already conversant with the company’s accounting software. Does this staff accountant resume sample meet these requirements?

Yes. The candidate spotlights her ability to fulfill both of these expectations in the skills section of the resume sample, noting her competence in “all standard accounting software,” as well as how she can produce needed results independently.

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The Most Important Staff Accountant Resume Sample Takeaways

Taking the time to devise a resume that puts your best foot forward is well worth the effort, but with this staff accountant resume sample, getting started doesn’t have to be a struggle. Use our resume sample and the tips above to help you position your resume to outshine all the rest. Incorporating the right details and formatting your resume appropriately will allow an employer to quickly identify how hiring you will benefit the company. If you’re looking for a bit more direction in your resume writing journey, our resume builder is another excellent resource available to you.