When hiring managers are determining who should fill a role, they place a lot of weight on the resume. This document, which often only ends up being one page, plays a big role in whether you even get an interview. To see if your resume is adequate enough, you should compare it to an administrative clerk resume sample. Not only do you see what formatting is ideal, but you also see if your document contains information relevant to the position you want.

To assist you, we offer our own sample resume to show you what a great looking document should include. We also have plenty of extra writing tips to help steer you in the right direction. While you will want to customize your resume to include details relevant to your professional past, it helps to see what other jobseekers may use. You need every advantage you can get your hands on to stand above the competition, so feel free to use these tools to your advantage.


Administrative Clerk Resume Sample

Sarah Shambaugh
Phoenix, AZ • [email protected] • 555-637-9980


Organized administrative clerk with several years of experience providing general office duties to a company with over 30 employees. Proficient at answering phones and possess a friendly speaking voice to represent the organization well. Excellent customer service skills to respond to inquiries promptly.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Ability to type 80 wpm
  • Proficient with Intuit QuickBooks
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excelled at data entry
  • Knowledge of scanners, photocopiers and postage machines
  • Exceptional communication skills

Work Experience

Administrative Clerk – HTR Medical Care
2015 – Present
  • Answer as many as 60 phone calls any given day, and transfer calls to the appropriate personnel
  • Maintain both physical and electronic filing systems while removing documents more than five years old
  • Type correspondences from supervisor, and track minutes during company meetings
  • Troubleshoot issues with office equipment, and located a new maintenance company that was cheaper than the one being used previously, ultimately saving the company $300 annually
  • Train new staff members, from medical assistants to janitors, on what duties their positions would entail
  • Receive payments from customers either in the form of cashier checks, regular checks or money orders
  • Prepare forms to be sent to various state and federal government agencies to confirm medical processing center is in compliance with all regulations
Office Clerk – Superior Remodeling
2012 – 2015
  • Developed schedules for professionals to visit potential clients at their home and when customers could visit the company building
  • Made travel arrangements for senior executives to attend trade shows and conventions
  • Conduced basic bookkeeping, and once discovered a small accounting error that earned the company a deduction during tax season
  • Answered customers’ questions over the phone about the various products and services the company sold
  • Provided inventory information to employees when asked and kept track of when company was running low on certain supplies to order more
  • Performed various errands, such as dropping off mail at the post office and picking up lunch for the rest of the staff members


Typing Certification from the State of Arizona – 2014
Certified to type a minimum of 80 wpm

Associate of Science in Office Management – 2013
Mesa Community College

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Is This a Good Administrative Clerk Resume? Let’s Check

Does the administrative clerk resume sample use a professional statement rather than an objective statement?

Yes. In the past, it was common for resumes to contain objective statements. These were basically short paragraphs in which the jobseeker would state he or she was looking for a specific job within a company. These have fallen out of favor in recent years. Now it is preferable to include a Summary where you discuss soft skills or certain accomplishments. It is meant to get the hiring manager interested in who you are as an employee.

Does this resume talk about the main duties of an administrative clerk, such as typing and answering phones?

It does, but this resume takes those points a step further. Saying you are proficient with typing does not mean much to most hiring managers. However, this administrative clerk resume sample goes above and beyond by stating in the Skills and Qualifications section that the person can type up to 80 words per minute. That is far more impressive. As far as answering phones, the sample uses that point to mention how she has a friendly speaking voice, which gives the hiring manager a sense of her personality.

Does the administrative clerk resume sample emphasize the jobseeker is detail-oriented?

Having a keen eye for detail is one of the most important skills an administrative clerk can have. This particular jobseeker could have simply stated she is detail-oriented in the Skills section, but she emphasizes it again in one of her job responsibilities. She states one of her accomplishments was finding an accounting error. These kinds of details stand out to hiring managers.

Does the sample mention specific software an administrative clerk would need to work with?

Office clerks spend most of their days in front of a computer. Instead of simply saying you know how to work with computer, it is better to include specific software you have used in the past. This administrative clerk resume sample states the jobseeker knows how to use Intuit QuickBooks. This is particularly beneficial if the job description stated applicants needed proficiencies with certain types of software.

Does the resume include specific courses that would benefit an administrative clerk?

As far as education, most clerks simply need a high school diploma. This jobseeker has an associate degree, so it is not necessary to mention that she graduated from high school. However, the resume sample also states she completed a typing course. It can be extremely advantageous for your career to take single classes or certification courses to make your resume stand out from everyone else’s.

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The Most Important Administrative Clerk Resume Sample Takeaways

You can create your own outstanding resume by following the lead of this administrative clerk resume sample. The main point to remember is that you want to include specific details about your experiences so that your resume does not blend in with other applicants’. You are unique, and you have one page to show that off. If you could use some extra help making your application perfect, then you need to look into using our resume builder.