With the pride you take in your organizational skills and talent for producing effective documentation, it shouldn’t be hard to adapt those abilities to develop an outstanding resume. When it comes to learning new tricks, though, there’s nothing like seeing proof in action to more quickly understand the principles of great resume writing. That’s where our administrative specialist resume sample comes in hand; the below sample provides a detailed example of the format and writing style that best exemplifies a career in administrative roles.

Use our sample as inspiration, and build on that inspiration with our useful tips and best practices. These best practices coach you in changing how you think about your experience so you can quantify it in a way that presents value to employers. You’ve got the expertise, and they need to know about it; all that’s left is to write it with the aplomb needed to make your resume jump out from the throngs of ordinary jobseekers.


Administrative Specialist Resume Sample

Faye McDonald
New Orleans, LA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-641-3985


Talented administrative and executive support specialist with 12 years of experience streamlining business workflows and ensuring seamless organizational operations. Adept at multitasking in a challenging environment to provide effective support for cross-functional teams. Highly organized, with a reputation for bringing structure to internal processes, projects, and teams through excellent planning and scheduling skills.


  • Administrative support
  • Executive assistance
  • Customer service
  • Relationship building
  • Correspondence
  • Project coordination and support
  • Project planning
  • Filing and documentation
  • Reporting
  • Presentations
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Office Suite

Work Experience

Administrative Specialist, 2012 – Present
Bayou Energy, New Orleans, LA
  • Provide office-wide support for cross-functional teams at junior and management levels
  • Assist with daily workflow management by providing schedule and document support
  • Managed a team of six junior administrative assistants
  • Contribute to special projects through preparation of project master plans in Microsoft Project
  • Manage inbound and outbound correspondence by phone, email, and postal mail
  • Screen executive emails and phone calls as needed
  • Update daily executive schedules and appointments
  • Take an instrumental role in meetings, including taking minutes and conducting presentations
  • Deliver excellent customer service and relationship management in communication with clients
  • Prepare, file, and organize documentation
  • Analyze data and author ad hoc reports for various team needs
  • Cut 50% of manual work by implementing workflow automation software
  • Boosted productivity 22% by training junior administrative talent
Administrative Specialist, 2006 – 2011
Southern Power Services, New Orleans, LA
  • Stepped into an organization with no administrative structure and built administrative functions from the ground up
  • Established workflow management policies and procedures at the staff level
  • Instilled in cross-disciplinary staff members the importance of adhering to standard operating procedures
  • Implemented inventory monitoring and management to control spending on office supplies
  • Coordinated all supply ordering, purchasing, and replenishment
  • Optimized executive productivity 32% by introducing clear administrative task segmentation
  • Prevented missed appointments through deployment of shared calendars on company portal
  • Dropped unnecessary overtime by 72% via more structured work practices that supported efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced confusion in reporting by developing standard reporting templates


Bachelor of Business Administration, 2005
Tulane University,New Orleans, LA

IAAP Certified Administrative Professional (CAP), 2012

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Is This a Good Administrative Specialist Resume Sample? Let’s Check

Does the administrative specialist resume sample emphasize support skills and capabilities relevant to organizational productivity?

For an administrative specialist to be good at his or her job, he or she needs to be the backbone holding others up so they can be good at their jobs. Our sample resume uses a strong opening summary to describe the candidate’s experience with business workflows, multitasking in a fast-paced organization, planning, scheduling, and executive and team support. These are vital keywords that describe and shape a role critical to maintaining business productivity.

Does the example candidate show how her contributions provided quantifiable daily improvements?

When you read the above administrative specialist resume sample, you’re sure to find the numbers jumping out at you. There’s a reason for this; we tend to notice and retain metrics more easily than words, especially when written using numerical values. That’s why you’ll find the majority of this candidate’s accomplishments show some kind of quantifiable value, such as improving executive productivity 32% or cutting 50% of manual work.

Does the administrative specialist resume sample show the jobseeker’s talent for organization by using a clean, easy-to-read format?

When it comes to formatting a resume, simplicity and organization are key. The sample resume shows our example jobseeker understands these principles by breaking down and organizing her career experience into a neat format that’s easy to scan for critical information. Using the summary, skills section, work experience, and education the sample candidate creates opportunities to emphasize core skillsets in diverse ways.

Does the candidate show added value that makes her stand out from more generic candidates?

There’s no room in the modern job market for a one-trick pony. Jobseekers always have to bring that little bit of extra effort to show why they’re as good as getting two candidates for the price of one. In our administrative specialist resume sample, the jobseeker subtly weaves in multiple instances of added value. For example, she’s also skilled with software implementation that reduces manual work, she’s trained junior personnel to boost productivity 22%, and she can handle ad hoc reporting. She even once built a complete administrative department from the ground up. How many candidates can say that?

Is the language in the sample resume varied enough to keep readers engaged?

It’s important to use action-oriented language in your resume, but make sure that language also includes a little variety. “Championing” something loses its impact if in every other line you champion everything from departmental policies to organizing the supply closet. Get creative without going overboard; make effective use of verbs such as “instill,” “establish,” and “prevent.”

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The Most Important Administrative Specialist Resume Sample Takeaways

There’s no more powerful tool in your arsenal than a well-crafted resume. Don’t forget to showcase your skills using concise, searchable keywords that draw on common industry terminology paired with phrases taken from target job descriptions. Be aware of repetition,and vary up the tasks you list and how you write them. Use your resume as an opportunity to show how the skills you’ve developed impact your career, just like the candidate in our administrative specialist resume sample. Focus on value statements — and if you need guidance in crafting your personal value proposition,try out our resume builder.