A strong resume is key when you’re looking for clerical positions, but understanding what particular employers view as strong means doing some footwork. The particular details of the requirements for a clerical position will vary greatly according to the department they are hiring for and the industry they operate in, so studying those factors is important if you want to understand how to pitch yourself to a specific employer’s needs and corporate culture.

Understanding what makes clerical resumes work in general is also important. Through a study of example resumes, you can see what makes a resume attractive, making it easier to mirror in your own work as you write. That’s why this clerical resume sample and the accompanying tips and analysis are so helpful. They provide you with the framework you need to build strong resumes for clerical jobs no matter what industry you are looking in, so you can head out onto the job market prepared. Make use of them as you put together your resume.


Clerical Resume Sample

Clay Dillon
Denver, CO 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-4455


Paralegal filing clerk with 4 years of experience in archival settings. Fully trained in current theories of library information management and database curation. Spearheaded a conversion to electronic records for a previous employer’s entire 30 year archive of company history.


  • Information organization and database management
  • Proficient with SAP Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, Blackboard, and Oracle PeopleSoft
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills, including instructional design
  • Excellent telephone and customer service skills
  • Strong problem sensitivity and response
  • Hard copy filing and archiving
  • Strong quantitative reasoning skills and mathematics ability
  • Well-developed visual inspection aptitude
  • Detail-oriented sorting and processing

Work Experience

Lead Archive Clerk, April 2015–Present
Durm, Strang, Blitzen, and Associates, Denver, CO
  • Oversee the activities of all archive clerks tasked to the firm’s corporate archive
  • Delegate file retrieval and communication duties to junior clerks as needed
  • Retrieve files to order as requested by partners and department heads
  • Check files in and out of the physical archive as needed
  • Organize and supervise the copying of files to fulfill relevant requests
Junior Archive Clerk, May 2014–April 2015
Constantine & Winchester Law, Boulder, CO
  • Executed orders for archive retrieval
  • Checked in returned files and reshelved them
  • Copied relevant files and secured them for shipment to both interior and exterior recipients
  • Oversaw the digitization of three decades of corporate files
  • Managed the digital archive
File Clerk, December 2011–May 2014
Millhouse Investment Group, Aurora, CO
  • Processed documents for storage and retrieval
  • Managed company database software to maintain location awareness for all files
  • Fulfilled requests from partners for account histories and other relevant file retrieval tasks
  • Indexed company media assets and converted them as needed for marketing department use
  • Answered phones and processed file retrieval requests
Library Assistant, June 2010–December 2011
Denver Public Library System, Denver, CO
  • Managed check in/check out for all library materials
  • Shelved materials in accordance with the Library of Congress cataloging system guidelines
  • Helped patrons locate library resources as needed
  • Assisted with educational presentations for the community
  • Proctored the library’s computer lounge and study area


Bachelor of Library Science, 2010
University of Boulder, Boulder, CO

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Is This a Good Clerical Resume? Let’s Check

Does this clerical resume sample demonstrate adequate experience in the field?

Absolutely. In fact, this example demonstrates what a mid-career resume might look like for many clerical workers. It does this with both the number of related work experience entries and the fact that those entries show jobs that require a high degree of clerical skill, so there are multiple ways the candidate fulfills this requirement.

Has the clerical resume sample demonstrated the connection between the skills and work experience sections?

Absolutely. If you check out the individual job entries, you will see explanations that show when this applicant used various computer and offline archival skills and how they served the needs of his employer. This helps to make sure the reader can connect the training to the actual conduct of the jobseeker, making it easier to understand how that applicant goes about the duties outlined in the job description.

Has this resume sample provided adequate proof of the skills and educational credentials needed?

Yes. Clerical work is generally not something that requires a lot of education to start in, but there are definitely areas of study that make one effective. The fact that this applicant has relevant skills in library science and information management makes him a very strong applicant for clerical jobs because such employees use those skills in particular. The skills section also discusses a variety of aptitudes related to this job that the applicant acquired during the course of his working life.

Do the stylistic presentation choices made in the clerical resume sample help make it more attractive to readers?

For sure, the use of specific verbs to help the reader visualize everything happening enhances the resume's appeal. Beyond that, strong features that make this easier to understand include the use of active language and the writer limiting the length of each section without short-changing the important information an employer will want to see.

Is the clerical resume sample summary statement designed to catch the reader’s attention?

This section really pops, so the answer is yes. The reason it works so well is twofold. First, the aforementioned use of active language makes it eminently readable. Second, the experiences included here show that this is not just any file clerk looking for work, but an experienced and professional corporate clerk used to handling sensitive materials with discretion. That makes the candidate appealing for even the most mission-critical clerical appointments.

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The Most Important Clerical Resume Sample Takeaways

Clerical positions are competitive, so you want to make sure your resume is strong. That means emphasizing the balance of information and editing your document to be both informative and visually appealing, like the clerical resume sample. It also means doing the research to understand the best ways to present the skills that are most important to your prospective employer. Last but not least, it means continuing to look for resources that can help you produce the best resume possible, including our resume builder. That way, you can efficiently organize your information into an effective resume.