As you embark on the search for a new job, prepare to encounter a lot of competition along the way. With so many people out there looking for the same types of positions, it is easy to get lost in the candidate pool. How can you ensure that prospective employers know who you are when the time comes to select applicants to interview? Submitting a well-written resume alongside your application may just do the trick.

When preparing to write your resume, it is important that you find tools and resources to help you create an effective document. Having a sample resume to reference can be a great help. Included here is an office assistant resume sample that will show you how to format yours. You will also notice a handful of writing tips to help you optimize your resume’s content. With these aides at your disposal, quickly creating a compelling resume can be a breeze.


Office Assistant Resume Sample

Anthony Adams
San Diego, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555.111.1111


Office professional with four years of experience in clerical work. Comprehensive understanding of all the elements needed to create a well-functioning office environment, including day-to-day operations management, scheduling, and supply ordering. Possess strong computer skills and a well-developed understanding of word processing and data retrieval programs.


  • Expert understanding of all the applications included in the Microsoft Office suite of programs
  • Able to type 95 words per minute
  • Familiar with QuickBooks and other office support software programs
  • Understand how to manage and maintain office equipment and computer hardware
  • Meticulous and well-organized
  • Outstanding communication skills

Work Experience

Administrative Assistant, July 2014 – Present
Southwest Healthcare, San Diego, CA
  • Support the daily workflow of the contracting department for regional healthcare network
  • Coordinate with corporate accounting division to manage department’s financial functions, including payroll, travel and work expense reimbursement, and supply ordering
  • Proofread and edit contract agreements for department personnel prior to sending them to legal team for review
  • Schedule corporate and client meetings and see to facility arrangements and catering
  • Prepare hardcopy materials in advance of all corporate report submissions
  • Manage client liaison list for seven different contract analysts consisting of more than 300 contacts
  • Recognized for having reduced department supply expenses by more than 35% in 2016
Office Worker, April 2013 – July 2015
Advanced Security Solutions, La Habra, CA
  • Assisted the office manager with a variety of tasks and functions, including employee scheduling, materials management, and facility maintenance
  • Maintained facility supply database, working with the office’s 27 employees to procure resources and submitting weekly purchase orders to vendors to replenish supplies
  • Submitted support tickets to IT services and coordinated computer technician visits
  • Created security system technician service schedule based off feedback from inbound agent calls and coordinated travel routes to help optimize expenses
  • Prepared visual and reference materials for use in corporate meetings
  • Participated in resource management improvement project in the fall of 2013 that resulted in net expense reduction of 40%


Associate of Arts Degree, 2014
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

• Two-time Dean’s List honoree
• Recipient of Jensen Family Foundation Academic Scholarship for 2014 school year

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Is This a Good Office Assistant Resume? Let’s Check

Does the summary statement offer a compelling overview of the jobseeker’s professional profile?

Your summary statement should offer a brief introduction of who you are and what skills and experience you possess. It needs to offer enough information to compel recruiters to continue reading through your resume, yet brief enough to not lose their attention. Notice how the jobseeker states his professional title and then quickly offers a high-level overview of his relevant skills and experience. He does this in just three sentences, which should be the maximum for any such statement.

How well does the jobseeker relate his skills to the position he wants?

The skills section of the office assistant resume sample provided here demonstrates a strong understanding of the duties that come with this position. The applicant lists technical expertise that supports success in an office environment (e.g., typing speed, familiarity with office management software tools, and equipment maintenance) as well as soft skills that office or department managers may value (such as being well-organized).

Is the applicant’s skills section a retelling of his summary statement?

Repetition in a resume implies that you lack a strong skill set and are thus left to simply embellish whatever elements you do have to include. In the office assistant resume sample shown here, the jobseeker does an excellent job of reserving the details of his skill set for the appropriate section. He also states the breadth of his experience in both sections. In the summary statement, he emphasizes the fact that he has experience in clerical work. The skills section reaffirms this, yet he also goes on to demonstrate an ability to handle other tasks related to office management, such as equipment maintenance and database management.

How well does the jobseeker’s work experience support his candidacy?

Positions within the same line of work will often relate to each other. The challenge, then, in detailing relevant work experience is sharing the responsibilities you may have held in a previous position without making it seem as though you have been doing the same work at every level. You will notice that in the office assistant resume sample, the applicant spotlights unique elements that differentiate the two prior jobs listed, showing a progression in roles and responsibilities from office worker to administrative assistant.

Is the education listed relevant?

Office assistant positions typically require a minimum of a high school diploma or GED. Because the position implies such a level of education, it is not stated in the office assistant resume sample.

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The Most Important Office Assistant Resume Sample Takeaways

The lessons learned from the office assistant resume sample shown here can help you create an employment reference document that is effective in its mission of getting you noticed. Keep your content concise and to the point; you will have every opportunity to share more information about yourself in the interview. Remember to avoid repetition whenever possible, as well, using a wide variety of descriptive words and phrases when detailing related skills and experience. If you need additional guidance when creating your document, our resume builder tool is ready to provide it.