The first step to a successful job search is to have a strong resume that effectively introduces yourself as a worthy job candidate to hiring managers. Your resume is what convinces employers to either pursue you as a potential candidate or reject your application, so it is essential to have one that points out your very best professional accomplishments and capabilities. If you are unsure of the best way to create such a document, use a relevant resume sample as a guide throughout the process.

To create a resume that makes a strong and lasting impression on employers, compare your document to our office manager resume sample as you build each section. Refer to it for ideas on how to write and format the various parts of your resume so that they stand out to potential employers. With our helpful writing tips and some effort and dedication, you can have an impressive finished document in no time.


Office Manager Resume Sample

Sarah Langley
Atlanta, GA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-8374


Friendly and diplomatic office manager with 14 years of experience in administrative support and management. Able to effectively communicate company expectations and goals to employees and lead departments in all areas of operation. Proficient in budgeting, inventory control, bookkeeping, and computer systems and software.


  • Operations control
  • Budget development and supervision
  • Bookkeeping and payroll
  • Inventory management
  • Administrative databases and financial software
  • Interpersonal communication and customer service

Work Experience

Head Office Manager – Darcy & Brooks, Inc.
2013 – present
  • Oversee activities and the performance of 65 employees across six departments on a daily basis; ensure that strict company deadlines are consistently met
  • Interview, hire, and train employees to ensure smooth integration; create and oversee staff development programs to maintain high performance rates
  • Update company policies and implement new financial systems and software to increase daily productivity by 10%
  • Restructure company budget goals and allocation and consolidate inventory to reduce annual company costs by 20%
  • Facilitate communication between all internal departments with weekly meetings and daily correspondence
Office Manager – Dawson, Garcia & Day, Inc.
2007 – 2013
  • Managed employee schedules and provided administrative support wherever necessary in a company of 75 staff members
  • Negotiated new vendor contracts, consolidated supply orders, and updated budget allocation policies to reduce company expenditure by 35% over two years
  • Organized and ensured the smooth operation of all company fundraisers, campaigns, conferences, and other events
  • Maintained detailed records of administrative activities, internal conflicts, and resolution procedures and outcomes
  • Monitored company accounts and departmental spending on a daily basis to ensure adherence to the company’s budget
Office Assistant – Jakes & Sons, Inc.
2003 – 2007
  • Assisted head managers with scheduling, reporting, filing, and other administrative tasks, filling in wherever necessary to ensure smooth operations of the business
  • Participated in payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and bookkeeping tasks on a daily basis
  • Arranged meetings with customers, vendors, suppliers, and company business partners
  • Recommended a new client correspondence policy that resulted in a 10% increase in customer satisfaction
  • Trained and delegated jobs to various interns; supervised and assisted with time-sensitive projects


Bachelor of Science – Business Administration – 2004
University of Georgia
Graduated magna cum laude

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Is This a Good Office Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the office manager resume sample show that the jobseeker has relevant and adequate credentials to be an office manager?

It sure does. The jobseeker in the example illuminates her “14 years of experience” in the first sentence of her summary statement to show she has had ample training and experience within this field. The education section of the sample resume asserts a relevant degree in business administration to prove that the candidate possesses the necessary academic qualifications as well.

Office managers need to be proficient in specific areas such as budgeting, inventory management, and bookkeeping. Does the resume sample emphasize these administrative skills?

Absolutely! The applicant identifies these areas of expertise immediately in her summary statement. She includes these skills as well as additional administrative proficiencies such as “operations control” and “financial software” to provide a more thorough overview of her professional attributes. The jobseeker then shows with detail how she used these skills in previous jobs in the work experience section.

Does the office manager resume sample illustrate the soft skills and personal attributes, such as leadership, communication, and time-management, that are valuable to a position as an office manager?

The resume sample does an excellent job describing these traits. Rather than use generic and overused phrases such as “team leader” and “excellent communicator,” the sample demonstrates these valued attributes in detailed descriptions, particularly in the work experience section. The jobseeker asserts that she oversaw 65 employees, ensured that deadlines were consistently met, and facilitated interdepartmental communication.

Office managers are accountable for a great variety of tasks and serious responsibilities. Take a look at the work experience section in the office manager resume sample. Does it show that the jobseeker can handle these responsibilities?

Yes! The work experience section of the sample points out the jobseeker’s previous important responsibilities and special achievements and presents a clear progression from assistant to manager to emphasize her ability to handle all components of the job. Every line in this section is different from the next to address as many aspects of the job as possible. Furthermore, the jobseeker identifies such impressive accomplishments as reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Is the office manager resume sample written in a professional, engaging tone and formatted to allow for easy skimming?

It is! Notice how the summary statement is kept to three sentences, the skills section utilizes short phrases, and multiple sections use bullet points to help hiring managers scan effectively. Additionally, the use of bold action words and metrics in the work experience section grabs hiring managers’ attention while descriptive language and industry keywords throughout the document hold their interest.

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The Most Important Office Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

You might know you are a perfect fit for that listed job, but hiring managers will not know that until you have a well-written professional resume to show them. Focus on one section at a time, using important industry keywords and a concise format throughout the entire document. Provide employers with a thorough understanding of your professional qualifications and relevant experience. Use our office manager resume sample for help, and if you require more assistance, check out our resume builder as well.