All it takes is one measurement or specification off-kilter to bring an entire building tumbling down. The same can be said of your resume; one mistake or poorly written section can crumble your job search to rubble. An effective resume should be a smooth, seamless read that stands on its own by impressing employers with the breadth of your experience, expertise, and accomplishments. If they can grasp the key points in a five to seven second read, even better. Employers have little time to read every resume they receive in depth, but if you can catch their attention on that first scan, they’ll come back for more.

That’s why it’s important to learn the principles involved in crafting a succinct yet effective resume. The architect resume sample we’ve provided can point you in the right direction by showing you the basic blue print of a strong resume. Use the sample and our tips as a guideline to develop the framework of your own resume.


Architect Resume Sample

Jennifer Bloom
San Francisco, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-192-3426


Creative architect with a unique combination of design vision and technical innovation, leveraged over seven years of experience to conceptualize and develop truly memorable buildings. Specialize in corporate development and public spaces; able to combine form and function into aesthetically pleasing building designs based in solid construction principles. Committed to application of green building and technology principles for cleaner, more cost-effective, energy-efficient designs.


  • Architectural design and development
  • Interior and exterior design
  • Concept sketch development
  • Blueprint and plan creation
  • Building codes and safety principles
  • Energy efficiency and green technologies
  • LEED certification standards
  • Client consulting
  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • Bluebeam Revu
  • SketchUp

Work Experience

Architect, 2011 – Present
Bloom Architectural Consulting, San Francisco, CA
  • Consult with clients to gather input regarding building and campus design based on stakeholder interviews
  • Propose multiple design aesthetics and prepare mock-ups for clients to review and select from
  • Develop detailed concept sketches for single-building and multi-building construction plans, including interiors and exteriors
  • Translate concept sketches into accurate, architecturally sound plans and blueprints
  • Develop 3D models with measurements using AutoCAD and Revit
  • Create materials lists based on proposed construction standards
  • Ensure all designs and specifications align with safety, compliance, and building code standards
  • Communicate with third-party construction teams as needed to discuss site, limitations, and specifications
  • Saved over $3 million on a client project by suggesting an alternative building facing material
  • Prevented $12 million in costly safety fines for a major corporate project taken over from a previous design firm by correcting building code issues in prior architect’s plans
Architectural Assistant, 2010 – 2011
Spacious Designs LLC, San Francisco, CA
  • Collaborated with senior architects on civil architecture and design projects for city replenishment in downtrodden urban areas
  • Acted as trusted quality checker on blueprints and designs, including verifying measurements
  • Built 3D models detailing aesthetics and design proportions
  • Conducted extensive simulations on building performance using Sefaria Architecture
  • Took an instrumental role in the success of one of the first LEED Gold Certified residential buildings in the city
  • Eliminated more than $50 million in costs over the life of a new high-rise building by proposing green energy-generating HVAC and lighting technologies


Master of Architecture, 2008
University of California at San Diego, San Diego, CA

Bachelor of Architecture, 2005
University of California at Riverside, Riverside CA

Licensed Architect, 2005
California Architects Board

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Is This a Good Architect Resume? Let’s Check

Does the resume show a clear history of career progression?

Most architects start off in junior roles until they learn the ropes; a stand-out architect will show rapid progression into higher level roles as they demonstrate the technical qualifications, soft skills, and design sense needed to be trusted with more responsibility. Many architects can stay in junior positions for years without progressing, yet our example jobseeker in the architect resume sample moved on within just a year to graduate from an architectural assistant position to running her own consulting firm for six successful years.

Does the architect resume sample avoid empty phrases?

Employers are tired of seeing certain phrases. Those phrases include results-oriented, highly ethical, team collaborator—you get the idea. Instead they want to see specifics, and our example jobseeker delivers by using phrases relevant to her industry. She talks about design vision, green technologies, and technical innovation in her opening summary, and takes the time to emphasize both her creative skills and the hard engineering and architectural capabilities needed to produce reliable architectural designs.

Does the resume showcase the candidate’s specialties without pigeonholing?

You always want to be specific when focusing your skills, such as the mention of specializing in corporate development and public spaces in our architect resume sample. However, you should avoid boxing yourself into a corner by being overly specific; make mention of your specialties, but don’t focus solely on them. Use abilities and background experience that has wide appeal, such as the highly sought-after experience with LEED green building certification standards, knowledge of building codes, and experience with AutoCAD software.

Does the architect resume sample make effective use of quantifiable metrics?

Absolutely. When working on architectural projects, it can be difficult to think of metrics to quantify your achievements when you’re not always working in percentages covering efficiency, productivity, and the like. When you consider your history in the context of the dollar value of your projects, it’s easy to find a way to quantify your contributions. Whether mentioning the size of projects for an eye-catching metric or discussing saving $50 million over a building’s lifetime through the use of green technologies, including numbers in your resume makes your impact jump out at employers.

Are relevant certifications included in the resume?

No architectural firm will hire a candidate who isn’t a board-certified licensed architect with licensure in the state they intend to work in. Always include relevant certifications that may give you an edge, but be sure to cover architecture licensing with both the year and the state body granting the license, such as the 2005 Licensed Architect granted to our sample jobseeker by the California Architects Board.

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The Most Important Architect Resume Sample Takeaways

The best resumes get right to the point, delivering a clear, concise message filled with powerful examples of your qualifications and expertise. Just like our architect resume sample, your resume should focus on what makes you outstanding. Cover a combination of the fundamentals mixed with accomplishments; employers need to know you have the core skills for the job, but also how you applied those skills to accomplish exceptional things. Create action and engagement, and turn your resume into a brief yet compelling narrative. Need a few more ideas? Take our resume builder for a spin!