Moving on to the next step in your career is an exciting journey, but it can be difficult to secure the ideal job when your current resume is lackluster. Hiring managers move through the candidate selection process very quickly, and anything but an eye-catching resume will be discarded upon arrival. To give yourself the best chance of standing out among the sea of other applicants, spend time carefully crafting and editing your resume.

When you’re in the midst of a job hunt and you could use a bit of extra help, take a look at the interior designer resume sample located below. Creating an outstanding resume requires knowledge of what hiring managers are looking for, and our sample resume follows a desirable formatting style that qualified interior designers should aim to emulate. By setting aside some time to study best resume practices, you’ll be able to feel confident in producing a new resume that draws the eye to your most important skills and achievements.


Interior Designer Resume Sample

Emily Carter
Buda, TX 11111 • [email protected] • 555-333-1020


Experienced interior designer with a specialization in home and office design. Reliable professional who places a high value on client collaboration and satisfaction. Excellent communicator with the ability to quickly identify and solve aesthetic problems.


  • Expert-level user of SketchUp
  • Confident using Space Designer 3D
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Natural ability to work well with others and solve problems
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Exceptional communicator

Work Experience

Los Angeles, CA
Lead Interior Designer, October 2010—Present
  • Lead a team of junior interior designers and act as a mentor throughout the entire process, from lead generation to project completion
  • Attend and plan interior design conventions to attract new clients, increasing new inquiries by 30%
  • Work with the customer satisfaction team to pair new clients with the best designer for their needs
  • Speak with clients extensively to find out their desires and goals for their homes or offices
  • Use multiple software avenues to create a sample layout for each new client
  • Research industry trends to offer clients modern, cutting-edge design options
  • Photograph the final outcome of the room upon project completion
Austin Interior Design Center
Austin, TX
Junior Interior Designer, June 2008-October 2010
  • Maintained an accurate filing system in order to keep client info up to date
  • Entered leads obtained from conventions into the database in a timely manner, improving new client signing rate by 15%
  • Designed sample floor layouts for senior designers to present to clients
  • Worked with senior designers and vendors to find the best products for client projects while adhering to budgeting needs
  • Attended initial in-home client meetings with lead designer to learn effective presentation skills and gain valuable experience with customers
University of Texas, College of Liberal Arts
Austin, TX
Interior Design Intern, August 2006-June 2008
  • Created eye-catching and engaging social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to boost interest in the interior design program at UT
  • Acted as office receptionist, answering calls promptly and routing them to the correct personnel
  • Collaborated with other interior design majors to select new furniture and wall art for the office while adhering to a strict budget
  • Sorted and distributed mail for the employees of the interior design office
  • Attended informational sessions around campus to promote the interior design major, increasing new members by 5%


Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, 2008
University of Texas at Austin
Graduated summa cum laude

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Is This A Good Interior Designer Resume? Let’s Check

Does this interior designer resume sample demonstrate the candidate’s ability to use common interior design software?

Yes, it does! Many competitive interior designing firms require that their employees have a solid grasp of software such as SketchUp and Space Designer 3D. This candidate listed her skill set at the top of the page, so hiring managers will notice right away that she’s up to speed with important technology.

Take a look at the education section of the resume. Does this job candidate have the necessary education to pursue an upper-level career in interior design?

Absolutely. This interior designer resume sample is exemplary, as the candidate graduated with the highest honors from a top-tier public university. Interior design firms’ education requirements vary widely, but nearly all design institutions will be impressed by an interior design major who graduated summa cum laude.

Does this resume example have proper formatting that draws the eye down the page?

This interior designer resume sample does an excellent job of immediately capturing attention and compelling one’s eye to skim down the impressive list of accomplishments. The strong summary statement is located at the top, followed by important skills and job histories packed with measurable accomplishments. Interior designers need to have an uncanny ability to make the most out of any space, and this candidate has used less than one page to convey her readiness for a new interior design job.

Glance at this candidate’s job history. Are her accomplishments and contributions to her past interior design companies measurable?

Affirmative. This candidate has created a strong interior designer resume to clearly demonstrate that she’s a valuable member of any team she’s a part of. Instead of listing mundane daily tasks that are part of most jobs, she has made sure to show measurable valuable that she’s given to her past companies, such as boosting sales by 15% at one place of employment.

Does this interior designer resume sample include hints about the candidate’s personality to attract potential employers?

Yes, this candidate does a great job of introducing herself to potential hiring managers before she even receives a call back. Interior designers are client facing, and they need to have stellar communication and organizational skills. This jobseeker includes her people skills and attention to detail at the top of the page, and later goes on to list job experiences in which she collaborated with others. The hiring manager will likely take note of her strong communication skills immediately.

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The Most Important Interior Designer Resume Sample Takeaways

When you’re ready to make the next step in your career, it’s absolutely necessary to have a rock star resume. The interior design field is small and competitive, but you can improve your chances of being noticed by studying our interior designer resume sample and applying these best practices. With a little time and patience, you can create a resume that perfectly pinpoints your most important accomplishments. If you’re hoping for additional help building your new and improved resume, check out our resume builder.