To get your next job, it is important to have a well-written resume that is clear, accurate, and easy to read. It is a wise idea to use a sample resume as a tool to organize your experience in a logical manner for employers. A PDF of the performing arts technician resume sample is available on this page for reference throughout the writing process.

Recruiters often have multiple tasks to oversee while interviewing candidates for open positions. To make their jobs easier, it is wise to structure your resume for easy readability. Make sure to set aside enough time to write, edit, and revise a resume that compels hiring managers to call you in for an interview. Refer back to the PDF to get inspiration about structuring your professional experience and work history. Use the writing tips available on this page to improve the overall quality of your document during the proofreading process.


Performing Arts Technician Resume Sample

Glenda Parks
Jersey City, NJ 11111 • [email protected] • 555-331-9783


Performing arts professional with in-depth knowledge of operating light boards and sound equipment. Experience as a stage manager for theater and music performances. Have the ability to handle a variety of performance space requirements.


  • Ability to source inexpensive materials for set construction to stay within the production budget
  • Can manage transportation of large scale productions from the set build location to the final performance facility
  • Experience with software to automate light board operations
  • Excellent project management skills such as managing budgets and overseeing timelines
  • Comfortable with running light and sound boards during a production
  • Knowledge and experience with hiring union and non-union labor

Work History

Theater in the Round – 2015-present
Performing Arts Technician, New York City, NY
  • Oversee the coordination of complex set builds with union carpenters, set designers light designers, and sound technicians
  • Implemented a new software solution that automates standard lighting changes that reduced monthly costs on the lighting budget line by 20%
  • Work closely with the managing and artistic directors to make sure set designs are aligned with the overall production needs and budget
  • Manage production interns for production needs
  • Report budget spending to the technical director on a monthly basis
  • Source, purchase, and install new sound equipment under the direction of the technical director
Happy Sea Productions – 2012-2015
Technical Coordinator, Brooklyn, NY
  • Ordered supplies and materials from local and national vendors for productions with $100,000+ budgets
  • Researched equipment requirements from clients and provided the information to technician leads
  • Maintained the list of materials and budgets for up to 10 productions happening concurrently
  • Hired transportation staff and coordinated set moves to different locations
  • Worked on a team of 20 on set builds and took direction from the team lead
  • Organized and digitized the archive of data for 100+ projects
Fun Times Cruises – 2009-2012
Assistant Stage Manager/Stage Manager, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Coordinated backstage needs for productions that required involved set changes
  • Handled backstage operations for more than 200 productions with varying levels of complexity
  • Documented stage setup and props requirements during the pre-production process
  • Ran the sound and light board for 25 productions
  • Managed the production budget in 2012 after receiving a promotion to Stage Manager


Bachelor Fine Arts in Theater Production – 2009
Florida International University

Professional Affiliations and Memberships

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

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Is This a Good Performing Arts Technician Resume Sample? Let’s Check

Does the performing arts technician resume sample show an ability to manage spatial and technical requirements?

Yes. A performing arts technician needs to evaluate the overall system requirements of a space in order to carry out core duties. The candidate’s work background includes demonstrable experience with coordinating materials and supplies for set builds with differing requirements. The jobseeker’s resume also shows technical understanding about lighting and sound setups as well as the ability to work closely with other theater specialists. Use the work history section to provide a timeline of past accomplishments, and keep the overall tone professional.

Does this resume adequately show soft skills like flexibility and ability to manage change well?

Yes, this candidate shows an ability to manage multiple layers of project coordination. Since performing arts technicians have to deal with and manage ever-changing environments, it is important to see evidence that a candidate can manage stress well. This sample document shows that the candidate can successfully mobilize and standardize resources to complete a production build. What this requires is a willingness to cope with many moving parts.

Does this resume distinguish this candidate from other qualified jobseekers?

The best paying jobs in any field often go to candidates who can clearly communicate layers of skills and abilities. What this performing arts technician resume sample does successfully is quantify the number of productions and budget size in the work experience area. This information gives employers an idea of the project scope a candidate can handle. It is important to include any professional licensures or union affiliation in fields where those credentials matter, and make sure to include them under the education section.

Employers want to see candidates who demonstrate the ability to take on more responsibility at a job. Does this resume show a progression in job titles or responsibilities?

The candidate received a promotion at her first position early on in their career. This step opened the door to more project management responsibilities. In future positions, this translated to more managerial responsibilities including purchasing and transportation coordination. In the most recent position, the jobseeker sourced talent and managed. Make sure to include any career accomplishments and managerial skills in the work experience area.

Is this performing arts technician resume sample clear and easy to read?

Yes. It is easy to scan this document and gather the candidate’s experience with managing stage and music performance sets. Even though the jobseeker’s background includes a diverse array of skills, the formatting pulls the information together in a readable format. The professional summary gives insight about major accomplishments, and for maximum impact, keep this to no more than three sentences.

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The Most Important Performing Arts Technician Resume Sample Takeaways

In today’s competitive hiring environment, it is increasingly important to market yourself with an organized and well-written resume. The performing arts technician resume sample gives jobseekers a tool to use during the draft and revision process. Refer to the writing tips on this page to refine your presentation of your skills, knowledge, and abilities. If you need further assistance while you write and edit, use the resume builder to help with translating your experience into a readable document.