Creating a professional resume is a critical step in achieving your career goals. It is your opportunity to tell potential clients who you are and why they should hire you over all of their other choices. Crafting a resume can be challenging, though, especially if you are new to the process. Fortunately, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. There are sample resumes specific to your field available that will give you the guidance you need to create your own eye-catching and compelling document.

We have a photographer resume sample that is an invaluable resource, providing ideas on layout, sections, and general content. Use this sample as a way to spark your own creativity and to begin to imagine the possibilities for your own resume. Spend some time with the sample, and take a look at the industry-specific writing tips we’ve included. Together, they can help you create a polished, professional resume of your own that you can be proud of.


Photographer Resume

Sally Benson
Dallas, TX 11111 • sally.benson@anymail • 555-876-0461


Professional photographer with broad experience in a wide variety of settings including weddings, outdoor landscapes, wildlife, portraits, underwater, and corporate and event photography. Strengths include composition and lighting, use and creation of artificial light, unique staging, obtaining unusual and compelling candid photographs, and manipulation of digital images. Strong artistic vision combined with excellent technical and interpersonal skills resulting in a rapidly growing base of highly satisfied customers.


  • High-quality photography and lighting equipment with backup
  • Committed to total customer satisfaction
  • Highly flexible and able to accommodate last minute schedule changes
  • Organized, punctual, and reliable
  • Strong communication skills
  • Creative problem-solver
  • Traditional and digital printing expertise

Work Experience

Owner – Benson Photography
  • Provide photography services for weddings, portraits, and corporate events for more than 50 clients in the Dallas area
  • Captured photographs for award-winning Dallas Today story investigating the benefits of wind energy
  • Increased client base by 100% in first year of business
  • Collaborate with videographers and other on-site professionals, as needed
  • Maintained exclusively positive feedback from surveys of customers following project completion
  • Acquired 50% of business from referrals of satisfied customers since company was founded
Staff Photographer – ABC, Inc.
  • Provided highly regarded photographs of company events, including awards ceremonies, holiday gatherings, retirement parties, and shareholder meetings
  • Earned Employee of the Month award after exceptional performance photographing governor’s visit to company headquarters
  • Contributed majority of photographs for new, nationally-distributed company brochure
  • Garnered praise from corporate executives and business leaders for photographs published in local newspaper showing new corporate facility construction process
  • Increased photography function within company; hired and supervised photography assistants
Student Photographer - University of Texas
  • Worked for Office of Student Affairs, providing photography services for on- and off-campus events
  • Traveled with sports teams to photograph events throughout the state
  • Photographed on-campus event with world leaders to discuss oil importing, according to University President’s request
  • Mentored other photography students
  • Served as guest judge in student photography competition


Master of Fine Arts – 2014
University of Texas, Texas

Bachelor of Arts – 2012
Texas A&M, Texas

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

• Member, Professional Photographers of America

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Is This a Good Accounting Clerk Resume? Let’s Check

Does the photographer resume sample indicate the candidate’s ability to provide reliable, high-quality photography services?

This resume provides detailed information on the candidate’s background and job performance, offering insight into her skills and accomplishments. The summary describes both the technical and interpersonal skills that the candidate brings to the work. In the summary statement, the reference to satisfied customers demonstrates the candidate’s ability to perform at a high level in the field and achieve positive results.

Creativity and artistry are key elements in photography, but are hard to quantify. Does this photographer resume sample do a good job of convincing you of the candidate’s abilities in these areas?

The candidate describes her artistic vision, which is supported by her MFA degree. More compellingly, though, this photographer resume sample describes the candidate’s success as a student photographer, corporate photographer, and independent photographer. Awards and accolades from customers and employers are testimonies to the candidate’s creative abilities.

Photographers have a variety of educational and employment backgrounds. Does this resume put the candidate’s background in the best light?

This candidate has a good combination of work and educational credentials, and she lays them out logically and describes them well in the resume. Having a Master of Arts degree is evidence of a strong commitment to the field, as is the progressive work experience since leaving school. Further, after working as a corporate photographer, she created a successful business, which is evidence of commitment to hard work and to providing a service that customers will both use and recommend to others.

People without extensive work experience sometimes have difficulty providing convincing evidence of their skills. Does the photographer resume sample use creative methods to provide insight into the candidate’s professional capabilities?

The candidate has relatively limited work experience, but the resume also includes information on work she completed as a student. Working as a photographer while going to school, both as a graduate and undergraduate, demonstrates the candidate’s motivation as well as her strong time-management and organizational skills.

Hiring a photographer without a lengthy track record can be a risk. Does this resume make it clear that the candidate is reliable and trustworthy?

The candidate’s work experience and educational background are unusual for a photographer and go a long way towards demonstrating her commitment to her chosen field. The praise she has received from clients should assure anyone considering hiring her that she is both reliable and trustworthy.

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The Most Important Photographer Resume Sample Takeaways

This photographer resume sample will give you a model for crafting your own professional-looking resume. The format is simple and easy to read and the content provides a compelling picture of the candidate. It focuses on things that a prospective client is most likely to be interested in, namely prior experience, technical capabilities, and artistic sensibility. A resume is all about standing out from the crowd, and you now have a great tool to help you do just that. For more information, check out our resume builder.