Your resume is much more than a piece of paper. It is your formal introduction to a hiring manager and your first chance to make a good impression. You want to clearly and concisely explain why you are the right choice for the position so the hiring manager offers you a chance to move forward in the process. For this reason, you want your resume to be well-written. A strong resume should include all the proper information and follow a reasonable format.

To make it easier to know what your resume should look like, you can consult the production assistant resume sample below. This example shows you exactly what a strong production assistant resume looks like, showing what information to include and how to organize it. In addition, there are writing tips offered here to give you more help if you need it. Using these tools, you should have no trouble whipping up an outstanding resume.


Production Assistant Resume Sample

Marvin Lookings
Newcastle, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-989-3354


Driven, experienced, and creative production assistant with solid knowledge of the film industry. Skilled in all stages of production, including editing, sound, and lighting, along with maintaining professionalism. Dedicated to offering support for the success of a production and leading behind the scenes to ensure a smooth and efficient working environment.


  • Skilled in various software, including After Effects, Avid, MS Office, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X
  • Knowledgeable about equipment, including stage lighting, microphones and sound equipment, teleprompters and audio mixers
  • Ability to think creatively to solve problems
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Observant of rules and requirements when on set
  • Enthusiastic and willing to take on any task to assist production
  • Expert in working with performers in a professional manner
  • Excellent video editing skills

Work Experience

Production Assistant - View Films
  • Ran errands, distributed scripts, and handled administrative tasks
  • Coordinated craft services schedule with production schedule
  • Anticipated needs on set to ensure equipment was in place on time
  • Located props, costumes, and other items needed by production
  • Managed social media accounts for company
  • Worked in post-production to edit footage
  • Assisted with 15 films in various genres
Production Internship - View Films
  • Provided support to production assistants
  • Shadowed producer to learn different aspects of production
  • Learned editing software and techniques
  • Worked with lighting to learn about proper lighting techniques
  • Worked with sound to learn proper sound techniques
  • Studied production process to gain an understanding of filmmaking
  • Conducted studio tours
  • Offered production assistant job after two years due to strong work ethic and dedication to position
Television Internship - WSUV TV
  • Learned about television news production
  • Assisted with copy editing
  • Ran errands as requested by on-air talent and other production staff members
  • Set up meeting room with coffee and pastries each morning
  • Delivered mail throughout building
  • Answered phones and directed calls or took messages
  • Worked on social media accounts to promote upcoming stories and features
  • Wrote news stories for two special features


Bachelor of Arts in Communication - 2006
JFK College, Newcastle, CA

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Is This a Good Production Assistant Resume? Let’s Check

Does the applicant make it clear in the resume that he has industry knowledge?

The production assistant resume sample contained multiple references and experience notes that could only come from experience in the industry. By showcasing his skills in tasks such as editing, the jobseeker shows he understands the demands of the industry and what is important. He also has plenty of experience that emphasizes his knowledge of the position and what employers expect of an assistant.

Does the production assistant resume sample draw attention to top skills that match the employer's needs?

Making sure the skills stressed in a resume match those of the potential employer is a great way to really grab a hiring manager's attention. The applicant does a good job of accentuating industry-specific and job-specific skills the hiring manager is likely to look for. These include mentioning skills with software programs, editing, lighting, sound, and talent management. In addition, in this field professionalism is essential, especially when dealing with top named stars, so the applicant has drawn attention multiple times to his professional demeanor.

Is it clear from the resume the applicant can work as part of a team?

Throughout the applicant's work history section, he showcases the many times he has worked as part of a team. It is clear he understands a team mentality is essential in this field. To make a film requires everyone working together. This jobseeker makes various points throughout the production assistant resume that draw attention to his skills in teamwork and his understanding of its importance in the industry.

Does the production assistant resume sample show the applicant has adequate experience?

There is no doubt this applicant has been working towards a growing career in film. He shows he has worked in television and film to learn necessary skills. It is clear he has a good foundation of knowledge about the industry and is eager to learn and grow with each position. He also draws attention to the fact he is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Does the resume show the applicant has an eager attitude?

Success in the media industry requires a positive attitude. The production assistant resume sample makes it clear from the beginning that this is an eager, motivated applicant. Throughout each section, he takes care to mention his dedication and willingness to do anything to get the job done. He stresses his commitment to the process and to maintaining professionalism.

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The Most Important Production Assistant Resume Sample Takeaways

You have learned a lot about how to craft a resume to wow a hiring manager. Putting yourself in the best light with a well-written resume can give you a better chance of landing an interview. You have the production assistant resume sample and the writing tips to serve as your inspiration and guide you along the way. Armed with these tools, you can start working on writing your own powerful resume. If you run into trouble, check out the resume builder, which offers even more assistance.