You need a strong resume that stands out so you can get an interview for the job you want. Hiring managers receive so many resumes after posting a job opening that they cannot afford to spend much longer looking at applications. They end up choosing resumes from applicants who not only have good experience and skills but also those with documents that are aesthetically pleasing and well-organized.

Since so much depends on having a good resume, you may feel intimidated when writing your own. You know you deserve the job, but how can you ensure that hiring managers feel the same way after reading your resume? One of the surest ways to impress potential employers is by getting help when working on your resume so that it hits all the points employers look for. You can use our bank manager resume sample to help you begin writing your document or to perfect it to make sure you are not missing any major topics.


Bank Manager Resume Sample

Callie Eriksen
Provo, UT 11111 • [email protected] • 555-475-6789


Knowledgeable bank manager with seven years of experience managing departmental and branch-wide procedures. Dedicated leader with strong interpersonal skills and thorough understanding of how to run a bank. Compassionate listener helping customers with complex issues to arrive at best possible solution.


  • Quick thinking
  • Confident in leading large groups of employees
  • Strong knowledge of financial analysis software
  • Mathematical and analytical skills
  • Organized and precise
  • Effective understanding of ensuring profitability of a branch
  • Excellent written communicator

Work Experience

Bank Manager – Bank of America
  • Manage 20-employee branch to maximize efficiency and promote customer service
  • Organize small teams of employees to collect data for financial analysis
  • Meet with corporate managers and human resources biweekly to discuss plans for individual branches and any issues that may arise
  • Successfully develop new management structure within the branch; received corporate recognition for new initiative
  • Recruit and hire new employees
  • Create weekly plan of how to coordinate all employees in the branch for a planned set of action
Assistant Bank Manager – Bank of America
  • Acted as intermediary between all employees and bank manager
  • Assisted in developing risk reports for manager’s analysis
  • Reduced costs of the branch by 18% in 2010 from 2009 by using resources more effectively and eliminating certain expenditures in the budget
  • Awarded Employee of the Year in 2009 and 2010
  • Worked with customers to come up with solutions to problems they had regarding accounts, loans, or employees
Loan Officer – Chase Bank
  • Evaluated customers’ abilities to pay off loans and adjusted loans accordingly
  • Directed group of four loan officers to coordinate loan applications for increased customer reliability
  • Effectively communicated with customers about the terms of loans and different options they had for repayment
  • Recorded terms of each loan and any customer questions or concerns to better remember each customer for more personalized service
  • Advertised different loan types to individuals and businesses to draw more clients to our branch
  • Increased number of new applicants by 60% in 2008 from 2006


Master of Business Administration in Financial Analysis, 2008
University of Utah, Utah

Bachelor of Science in Economics, 2005
Southern Utah University, Utah

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Is This a Good Bank Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the bank manager resume sample contain industry-specific terms that would demonstrate to potential employers that the applicant is knowledgeable of her position?

As you can see, our jobseeker utilized terms throughout her resume that would resonate with those who are very familiar with the banking industry. Terms like “financial analysis,” “ensuring profitability,” and “risk reports” demonstrate to hiring managers that she isn’t merely a manager but a bank manager.

Since banks work so much with numbers and money, does our jobseeker show her aptitude for working in a bank environment in a similar fashion?

Efficiency and profitability are important goals for businesses in general, but especially for banks that deal so heavily in money. Our jobseeker shows this in the bank manager resume sample when noting her skill in “ensuring profitability,” and also in her work experiences with reducing costs and then in increasing the number of loan applications. All these point to her being able to improve wherever she works by increasing profits and decreasing losses.

A bank manager should not only be able to work well with money, but should also be able to be a strong leader. Does our bank manager resume sample show this?

Right at the start in the Summary, our jobseeker demonstrates her leadership experience that makes her a great candidate for a managerial position. Throughout the resume, she makes it a point to express to the reader how much experience she has dealing with groups of employees, whether they be subordinates or peers.

Becoming a bank manager requires years of increasing responsibility to accustom someone to the job. Can we see it with our jobseeker?

While everyone can take different paths to become a bank manager, there is the general direction of starting small and working your way up. Our jobseeker definitely embodies this by starting out as a loan officer, then after receiving her master’s degree, she took a higher-up position as an assistant manager. Her current job, then, is the bank manager position she worked for.

Does our bank manager resume sample capture and keep the eye of the reader, making for a memorable application?

You need to stand out with your resume, just like this one stands out. It is clear and easy to read, which hiring managers prefer since they have so little time to read each resume. Its structure is just as important as the content, as the applicant presents everything succinctly but thoroughly. This way, the resume catches the reader’s eye with an engaging Summary and keeps the attention of the reader all through the end to the education section.

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The Most Important Bank Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

If you utilize the bank manager resume sample fully, you can craft your resume into a stunning document that demonstrates to hiring managers why you are the most suitable candidate for the position. Looking at the resume sample and tips, you can understand how you can be clear and thorough without being long-winded. By engaging the reader, you can capture the attention of hiring managers and keep their attention long enough for them to remember you when deciding whom to interview. Check out our resume builder if you need more help fine-tuning your resume.