Many jobseekers view the interview as the moment to shine when trying to obtain a new job. However, it all truly begins with the initial resume. A single page of paper is all you have to convince a hiring manager whom you have never met before that you deserve this position within the company. Therefore, it makes sense to take plenty of time writing the document to make sure every little detail is perfect. To see what that would look like, examine our bank teller resume sample to see what information hiring managers want to see with that particularly position.

The resume sample shows the formatting hiring managers want to see as well as beneficial information to include. There are also additional writing tips to further guide you as you craft the perfect resume. Read on to improve your writing skills, and you will likely have a more fruitful job hunt.


Bank Teller Resume Sample

Susan Cowhig
Newark, NJ • [email protected] • 555-748-2294


Reliable teller who has worked at several different banks over the last five years. Excelled at offering superior customer service to all of the bank’s customers and was able to resolve conflicts without escalation. Proficient with numerous devices often seen in banks, including laser printers, cash advance terminals, and receipt printers.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Proficient with Sage 50 Accounting software
  • Knowledge of various clerical duties
  • Friendly, personable demeanor
  • Basic knowledge of mathematical concepts
  • Strong eye for detail
  • Able to work directly with the public

Work Experience

Bank Teller – First State Bank
2014 – Present
  • Count cash at the beginning and end of every shift to ensure accurate records
  • Accept various forms of payments from patrons, including cash, checks, and money orders
  • Resolve issues customers have with their accounts, helping to retain numerous customers throughout course of employment
  • Refer customers to supervisor when something was beyond means to fix
  • Assist patrons with exchanging foreign currency to U.S. dollars
  • Inform customers of various services bank offers, which resulted in many customers getting loans from the bank as a direct result of personal recommendation
  • Prepare work schedules for all 20 tellers who work at the bank, ensuring everyone receives a minimum of 30 hours a week
  • Assist other tellers when they have problems accepting a payment or balancing an account
Teller – Newark Credit Union
2012 – 2014
  • Monitored credit union vaults at least once a week to ensure cash reserves were at sufficient levels and requested more when appropriate
  • Identified mistakes with transactions and ensured balances were correct for customers
  • Prepared cashier’s checks for patrons of credit union
  • Examined checks for accuracy, and on several occasions, discovered customers were trying to cash fraudulent checks and referred them to proper authorities
  • Received utility bill payments customers would have and cashed them to the proper utility company
  • Ordered debit and credit cards on behalf of patrons, and obtained their contact information to mail cards off later
  • Performed various clerical tasks, including filing and typing


Associate of Science in Finance – 2012
Courses in business statistics, accounting, and principles of management
Hudson County Community College

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Is This a Good Bank Teller Resume? Let’s Check

Does this bank teller resume sample focus on the jobseeker’s ability to provide exceptional customer service?

Bank tellers have to work with the public every single day, so it is vital for applicants to have experience dealing with a wide array of personalities. This resume sample does a good job of mentioning the candidate’s ability to act friendly and personable. The sample also spends time focusing on the jobseeker’s conflict resolution skills. Some bank patrons can get unruly or angry, and it is important to show you can handle yourself when those moments arise.

Can a hiring manager easily skim through this resume?

It is paramount for jobseekers to include bulleted lists in their resume, and this bank teller resume sample does a great job of including them. Hiring managers only have so much time to devote to each application. They may have dozens to read through. You want an employer to be capable of reading through yours effortlessly. That is also why you want to keep each point in the Skills and Qualifications section relatively short.

Does this bank teller resume sample focus on work experiences related to finances and accounting?

Yes. This applicant has worked at several places as a bank teller, and those are the experiences she focuses on. She may have had other work earlier in life, but when you write a resume, you want to focus on what is going to be most attractive to a hiring manager. In the event you do not specifically have teller experiences, you would want to focus on jobs that have transferrable skills to that position.

Even though the applicant has two teller positions, can you see growth over the years?

You never want to become stagnant with your resume. You want to show how you have earned more important responsibilities as the years have gone on. This bank teller resume sample does a good job of showing how the candidate has earned more supervisory roles. For instance, her most current job states she is in charge of scheduling and has learned how to exchange foreign currency. Those are impressive and show growth from her previous job.

Does the jobseeker seem capable of going above and beyond what bank tellers are typically expected to do?

You do not necessarily have to have an Accomplishments section within your resume, but you should still show accomplishments within the Work Experience section. The resume sample does this by relaying a story of how the jobseeker prevented fraud. You may not have that exact experience, but you should feel free to mention a specific experience that showcases your abilities.

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The Most Important Bank Teller Resume Sample Takeaways

You want to make a hiring manager’s job easy by giving him or her a stellar resume that showcases all of your talents and experiences. As you write your own application, review the bank teller resume sample to see if there are any additional tips you can glean. Remember to include specific details and stories that make your resume memorable. Finally, you can utilize our resume builder if you require some extra help making your document perfect.