A job search is incomplete without a resume, but any old piece of paper with your work experience isn’t going to be enough. In today’s job market, your document has to be top notch to stand out among the sea of other candidates'. Your resume is often the deciding factor for hiring managers in whether you get an interview.

One of the best ways to ensure that it is up to snuff is by using a resume sample. When you’re ready to get to work on creating a sharp, powerful resume, our insurance adjuster resume sample is the perfect resource. You can learn the right skills and work experience to include, as well as the professional language and format you should use. With the help of our detailed guide and your diligence, you can build a powerful resume that will wow hiring managers and prove your unique qualifications to your prospective employer.


Insurance Adjuster Resume Sample

Gwendoline Yates
Sacramento, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-091-2984


Experienced insurance adjuster with 10 years in insurance, seven as an adjuster. Dedicated, organized worker with a keen eye for detail. Talented investigator with passion and commitment to accuracy.


  • Gifted oral and written communicator
  • Proficient in WinSMAC and Simsol
  • Excellent understanding of clerical procedures and principles, such as proper organization of important documents
  • Skilled in memorization and knowledge recollection
  • Superb negotiation and critical thinking skills
  • Strong commitment to ethical execution of adjustment procedures
  • Wide range of insurance knowledge, including underwriting guidelines, coverages, policy types, and claim handling procedures

Work Experience

Insurance Adjuster, August 2013 – present
AllState Insurance, Rancho Cordova, CA
  • Review documents pertinent to losses, such as police reports, medical bills and treatment records, or appraisals, to determine the extent of liability
  • Negotiate claim settlements with other insurance companies and pursue litigation if necessary
  • Received a company excellence award for completing 23 cases in a single month
  • Examine claims forms and policy documents to determine insured coverage
  • Travel to examine insured property as necessary
  • Attend conferences and seminars regularly to increase industry expertise and remain relevant
Insurance Adjuster, February 2010 – August 2013
State Farm Insurance, Tempe, AZ
  • Analyzed information gathered by investigators and reported findings and made recommendations accordingly
  • Referred claims that needed further investigation to investigative adjusters for detailed inspection
  • Obtained relevant claimant credit information from financial institutions
  • Increased personal claim resolution by an average of 14% each year
  • Conducted phone interviews with agents, claimants, and insured to correct errors, record statements, and investigate questionable claims
Insurance Producer, March 2008 – February 2010
State Farm Insurance, Mesa, AZ
  • Attended 24 hours of continuing education courses per year
  • Described policy coverage, limits, and conditions to insured in detail by request and at time of issuance
  • Produced an average of $20,000 in premium per month
  • Participated in weekly training meetings to increase insurance product expertise and stay updated on company procedures
  • Analyzed policyholder assets and liabilities to determine necessary coverage and any additional policies
  • Conducted prospecting procedures based on coverage and limits rather than premium


Arizona State University
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, May 2009
Summa cum laude

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Is This a Good Insurance Adjuster Resume? Let’s Check

Did the insurance adjuster resume sample keep the work experience section relevant for a position with an insurance company?

One of the most common mistakes jobseekers make is approaching the work experience section of their resume as a comprehensive career history. Instead, approach the work experience section as a list of experiences that directly relate to your ability to perform the tasks of your desired position. Notice how our resume writer included her time as an insurance producer but omitted her time as a call center agent.

Did our resume writer keep the language of her resume professional but easy to understand?

Few industries have lingo as confusing as insurance. For the uninitiated, even the most basic of conversations regarding insurance can sound like a completely different language. Hiring managers will have a level of understanding of the industry, but an insurance adjuster is infinitely more informed. Keep the language in your resume simple and easy to read, and refer to our resume writer’s work experience section for an example.

Does the insurance adjuster resume sample show crucial soft skills rather than telling them?

Soft skills are difficult to communicate, but they go a long way toward impressing hiring managers. Our resume writer included an accomplishment during her time as a State Farm adjuster that states“improved personal claim resolution by 14% each year.” Hiring managers will easily be able to deduce that our resume writer is competitive with herself, an especially vital skill for an adjuster, who needs to act and make decisions independently in the field.

Did the insurance adjuster resume sample include awards or achievements that illustrate the jobseeker's skills?

The insurance industry can be competitive, and employers want people who will bring that spirit to their work. One of the best ways to communicate your unique eligibility for the position is by sharing your previous achievements. It’s important that hiring managers understand you’re a dedicated worker. Our resume writer noted receiving a company excellence award in her most recent job for completing the most cases in a single month. This is not only directly relevant to the position she’s seeking but is a surefire way to impress hiring managers as well.

Does the insurance adjuster resume sample include a references section?

You’ll note the absence of references in this resume sample. In today’s job market, nine out of 10 hiring managers will assume you have references and simply ask you for them rather than search for them on your resume. In many cases, you may even appear presumptuous by including them.

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The Most Important Insurance Adjuster Resume Sample Takeaways

Using our insurance adjuster resume sample as a barometer for the strength of your own document, you are sure to create a resume that impresses hiring managers and regularly lands you interviews. You have all the tools you need to craft a document that clearly demonstrates your unique qualifications and makes it easy for hiring managers to acknowledge your eligibility for the position. You can also learn how to succinctly include all the relevant details without losing important information. For additional help creating a powerful resume, use our resume builder.